Sunday, March 06, 2005

"The Return"

Post-CRS is always fun. Fun in the same way it would be if a friend asked to taste your 15 year old Grand Marnier and slammed it. Inside joke, and apologies to my buddy Dave Steele.

First let me say, I won't be attending another CRS without my wife. One reason is, she brings a whole new level of fun to the festivities. She's popular with my friends, she hangs with me and gives me something to smile about.

Another reason is "the return." Here's a dialogue from this morning:

She: So how many 20 year olds hit on you?

Me: Well, when there is an abundance of 20 year old MALES in the room, usually the 20 year old female will hit on them. Not some 40 year old.

She: good way of dodging the question.

(silence for a minute or two while we watched the dog shit in the yard)

She: so did (assumed name to protect the innocent) Susie Smith tell you what kind of underwear she was wearing?

Side note: a few years ago my wife intercepted a harmless email between "Susie" and me regarding underwear. "Susie" is known for her flirtatiousness and it's all harmless. I was merely engaging her in conversation, giving it back, as it were. In fact, I believe I had told her I was wearing "underoos."
Me: (silence for effect, only a smile)

She: another dodge.

Me: (hug) I love you. Next year, you're going WITH me.

The return is always interesting. By the way, she never asked me how many clients I had run into, or how many new clients I had developed.



~kimberly~ said...

women are sensitive about their man being told about other women's underwear. my compassion goes to your wife on this one, sorry. LOL

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Hey! Tell Tawnya Feb. 28 was A LONG TIME AGO. New posting, pls. I'm hungry.

Dave Steele said...

Ok… For the inside joke folks... A fine, silky smooth drink is Grand Marnier. It has an even more refined, exquisite counter part called Grand Marnier 150. It's a very old, very delicious beverage for the refined palette, as well, it’s VERY expensive to enjoy. Nothing gives me more pleasure than ordering a 1 ounce shot at $35.00 a pop, only to be asked if I would allow someone (Dave Morris) to take a sip... at which point, he finds it unbearably hysterical to SLAM such fine liquor like a friggin tequila shot. You dumbass, I could have kicked you around the room like a member of Osama Bin Laden’s crew in a military prison. You owe me $35.00, or 2 shots of Grand Marnier 150.