Friday, March 25, 2005

Is it warm in here, or is it just me?

With all due respect to those offended by comparing an asshole to a method of hygene...

Here is a douche bag.

And here's why:

Is there a "hysteria" over global warming? I wouldn't call it that, but there are members of the scientific community, who stand to profit nothing, saying man IS affecting the climate of the Earth.

The ozone IS disappearing, fact. The mean temperature of the Earth IS rising, fact. We are dumping MEGATONS of fossil fuel emmissions into the atmosphere, fact. Those emmissions DO chemically alter and eliminate ozone, fact. Earth IS delicately balanced and susceptible to mass-extinctions, fact. (just look back through history) These are things that cannot be ignored, regardless of how the economy is. They are facts.

Is it doomsday? No, we'll likely survive. Science is advancing faster than global warming, we'll find a way to adapt. But are we adversely affecting our environment? Of course we are. I can hardly imagine anyone arguing that, it's common sense. (oh, wait... maybe that's the reason)

Some people ignore information, however factual, that doesn't benefit their agenda. But there is a point at which we must weigh the price of a cleaner Earth against the impact on economy. I'm no tree hugger, but we must find cleaner, less environmentally impactful energy.

Even asshole-douche-bag should be able to see that.


UPDATE 3-26-05: Okay, I'm feeling a little embarrassed. Sometimes I get worked up when I write opinion pieces. Did you notice?

For fear of being categorized as a heathen, (or worse, someone who doesn't see both sides of a debate) I must scale back the name calling. Replace asshole with assHAT, and douche bag with goober.

But he's still a guy who ignores those things which are inconvenient.

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OldHorsetailSnake said...

I ran across a site today where the guy was expressing opinions and he and I agreed on every one. So I told him I'm never coming back because it would be like talking to myself. I agree with you on the bumbass you cite, but don't start agreeing with me on everything, you hear? I have written my Tawnya piece; it will appear next week sometime. Bate your breath.