Thursday, March 03, 2005

Day two

It started not-so-unusually. Shower, coffee. I picked up my phone to call our friends Jim & Ryan to meet up for breakfast - when Ryan answered she was out of breath. "Jim's having a heart attack right now and the paramedics have just arrived. Get over here!"

I looked down and found I had shit down both legs.

I hopped in the car and headed toward the hospital. Jim had already been rushed into surgery for angioplasty and a stint. He had very little blockage, but a piece of plaque had broken loose. A few minutes longer and he might not be here. All's well that ends well, Jim was joking around with his nurse right after the surgery. He should soon be as good as new, and will be having sex with Ryan again before you can say "it's gross thinking about Jim and Ryan having sex."

By the time we finished with all that, it was 4 pm. We had a late lunch and headed to the lounge for a couple of cocktails. When I say a couple, of course I mean 47. After leaving a ceiling-high stack of glasses, we left for the Palm Restaurant for enough beef to feed a family of T-Rexes. A 28-ounce rib-eye was the order of business tonight, and it felt as if I had ingested an entire North American buffalo.

We found a great cigar bar after dinner and had a couple of Cohibas. Also about 23 more cocktails. We returned to the hotel at 2 am and hung around the lounge until 4. At this point I feel it's time for bed, but there is a sissy chick-flick on HBO and I feel like a good cry.

I would have posted pictures tonight, but my buddy Dave said I would appear too much a "fan" so I didn't take any today. We ran into Montgomery Gentry, Joe Nichols, Sawyer Brown, SheDaisy, Andy Griggs, Billy Dean, Mark Wills, Faith Hill and Phil Vassar. Thursday is a new day, but it's not likely to start prior to noon.

Here's wishing Jim a speedy recovery. And that Shania could understand I'm MARRIED and not available to handle her "needs."


~kimberly~ said...

-speaking of Shania, I just learned something kinda cool recently... oh..wait, nevermind, im gonna make this my "Tune Trivia" on my blog..LOL, sorry for the build up of anticipation then a let down. But hey, Im a woman, you should be used to that by now!

*blows kisses and wishes for Jim's speedy recovery*

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Eight hundred and seventy-two cocktails and Faith Hill all in one day? Now all McGraw lacks is 872 cocktails. (You lucky stiff.)

Best of luck to yer pal Jim.

Kerouaced said...

I doubt even Hunter S. Thompson drank that many cocktails in one day. You maye be setting some wort of record. I'll have to check my files. And if you need someone to take Shania off your hands...