Friday, March 25, 2005

How safe IS Iraq?

Iraqi kids are smarter and more savvy than we might think. And probably safer than American kids!

If you click the picture, you can see why I say that. I had to share it, considering the trial is going on.

UPDATE: Fine, Quinn. It's a doctored picture. It's not real. Forgery. Photoshop masterpiece. Thanks man. Now tell me there's no easter bunny.
courtesy Probably Correct

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prodgodq said...


That photo is a fake.....I saw
the exact same photo about four
months ago with completely
different lettering on the
cardboard. There's also another
fake photo of "camel spiders" in
the Iraqi desert that appear to
be about two feet long. Actually,
they're about 3 inches long, but
picture was "photoshopped" to make
them seem larger.

Remember, in the era of digital editing, you can't really believe what you see.......hey, just like