Friday, April 29, 2005

Brittons aren't as smart as they sound

A new, quite disturbing trend called "happy slapping" is gaining momentum in the UK, here's a preview of the story from
"Happy slapping" -- essentially violently attacking someone while it's recorded with a videophone -- is a growing problem in the UK, with British Transport police investigating 200 incidents in the last six months in London's public transport system alone, with who knows how many attacks going unreported. This isn't harmless childplay, the ferociousness and utter stupidity of these attacks is appalling. And the hooligans have embraced user-created content: they share the videos via Bluetooth, MMS and the Web, often describing their efforts as "Happy Slap TV".

There is video, if you're patient enough to allow it to stream - it's a little slow. And more than a little disturbing. The movies are being swapped and sold as entertainment.

The victims of the "slapping" are sometimes complete strangers. The whole thing is kind of reminiscent of Jackass, except with Jackass at least it's self-abuse.

It's time for one of the unsuspecting victims to just totally wail on the slapper, hospitalize them and end the "fun."

LINK to the story.




Kerouaced said...

Darn, I couldn't watch that. If I would see those idiots do that to someone they'd better pray to their pagan mantle monkey surrounded by candles that I don't get a hold of one of them...what is wrong with people?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I saw a news report on this. I think British people are so sexually repressed that they snap and start smacking each other.

Just a theory.

Weary Hag said...

Leave it to England.
Hey, now there's a good name for a spoof television sitcom. What the hell... look how successful Leave it to Beaver was? They're still airing reruns. Or was that just because of the name. Hmph. Best rethink this one.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Hey, I just noticed your no-arms, no-legs gag. Good one.

Do you know the name of the man with no arms and no legs who's hanging on the wall? Art.

Do you know the name of the man with no arms and no legs who's lying on the front doorstep? Matt.

And on, and on. (P.S. Where are you? It's May 1 already. You do a Tawnya and retire forever?)

Weary Hag said...

Same guy OldHorsetailSnake speaks of only standing in a closet full of musical instruments? Stump the Band.