Monday, April 04, 2005

Dave Morris

Ever Google yourself? It was less of an ego thing than a "trying to find a new web address for myself" thing.

Just kidding, it was an ego thing. I don't show up on Google until the very bottom of page 3. Sucks to be me. is taken by a writer as his personal website, complete with family pictures, etc. How dare he? It is a pretty cool site and I'm envious of the web address. is a jeweler in London. Wish I had a few of his bucks. I wonder if I could talk him into taking it's available. Problem is, nobody wants a web address that doesn't end with dot-com. Do you? See, told ya. is taken, too. If there is a nickname to which I've become most accustomed, that would probably be it.

Ever meet someone with the same name as you? Strange the feeling of kinship you get when considering it. You wonder if they were similarly taunted in school. "Hey, Morris the cat! Here kitty kitty!"

"Yeah, well at least I can lick myself!" Followed by a quick right upper-cut. Then blood.

You wonder if other Dave Morris' also get sick of the sound of their name. Or if by chance they have been assigned similar nicknames. Or what they've accomplished with their lives. There's a professor at the University of Lethbridge, a photographer, a women's soccer coach and a published author all named Dave Morris. Google said so.

There's a lot to a name. It's the only thing you come into the world with, and the only thing you'll have after you're gone.

Probably all of us have scoured the search engines looking for ourselves.


Kerouaced said...

I would never Google myself...unless of course it was by accident, which has happened several dozen times.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I Googled me once. I never showed up. But my brother's wife did. (But if you Yahoo "Horsetail Snake," Ol' Hoss is NUMERO UNO!!)

That Sonofabitch is a real sonofabitch. Glad he ain't u.

Chris Cope said...

I share a name with an apparently really smart Canadian, some guy who has a load of letters after his name (MBA, CPA, ABV, ABA, CBA, ASA), an Australian university lecturer, and some hack writer. Oh wait. That last one is me.

gary said...

Hopefully no one ever gave YOU a "quick right upper-cut"...while you were "licking yourself"...ouch!!!