Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bored? Me too, as evidenced below

More totally unscripted, completely random, and ultimately useless facts about me. Try to keep your dinner down.

21- In high school, my girlfriend went to prom with another guy, my friend Tony. He had asked her to prom a couple of months before we started to date, so I had to pretend I was okay with that.

22- When I was a kid, I was a dishwasher in the busiest restaurant in town. There was no machine to wash dishes, it was all by hand – and I had an ulcer within 3 weeks. I quit the job shortly after. 26 years later, I probably still have the ulcer.

23- I enjoy Las Vegas, but I’ve never lost more than 100 bucks there. I always get bored with losing money. Which makes it even more surprising I’ve been married three times.

24- I have a weird thing about dirty sinks. If my sink is full of dirty dishes or has water in it, I’ve been known to lose sleep.

25- Automatic weapons should not be available to the public in America. Gun collectors should be the only exception.

26- I am a happy drunk, although I tend to pick minor, playful arguments with my wife when drinking. She always wins. You’d think I’d learn.

27- I place a high value on friends, and would do most anything I could for a good friend.

28- I love my dog. Not that way, pervert.

29- Where party games are concerned, it is tough to beat me at charades, trivial pursuit or pictionary.

30- One of my pet peeves is exaggeration. In fact, it’s the biggest pet peeve in the history of all time, ever, ever.

If this is boring you, imagine how I feel trying to remember all this shit.


Weary Hag said...

Dave, actually I like the little random facts. They give a lot of detail about a person in little nutshells. I'm with you on the losing money thing, in fact, when I lived in LV for 8 months back in 1980, my total loss was something ridiculous like $20 - and even at that I hated myself for it!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Ackshually, Bob, I really dig this kind of stuff.

And it was no exaggeration when I said I was pretty damn smart. If anything, it was self-effacing. I'm good at that, too.

Bernadette said...

Re #29: Try to guess this book charade which Pa Ingalls (Laura Ingalls Wilder's father) acted out. He picked up two potatoes and set them on the blade of an axe.
Hint--People knew their Bibles in those days.

smays said...

Reminds me of this cartoon.

Astrid said...

"24- I have a weird thing about dirty sinks. If my sink is full of dirty dishes or has water in it, I’ve been known to lose sleep." --> You don't dream of dancing dishes around your head or dirty dishes attacking you with their matching cups or anything or do you?

Dr. Mike said...

David, I've seen you draw... You were EXAGERATING about the PICTIONARY thing...

Dave Morris said...

Carol, when I go to Vegas, I am usually looking for something else to do by day 2!

Hoss, perhaps you can help me with Bonnie's query, I have no idea what two potatoes and axe thing mean. I need more time to think...

Steve, I got a great laugh out of that cartoon - and some content for my front page, too! Thanks.

Astrid, there's no accounting for the things I dream about... and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to share ALL their content. Nice blog, by the way!

Mike, shut up and don't blow it for me. These people think I'm somewhat smart or something.

Astrid said...

Thank you, Dave, I like yours too, so therefore I brought my picknick-basket along and decided to come here for lunch. The weather is really great out here. Where do you buy a sun like yours?