Thursday, April 28, 2005

41 was harder than 40

I don't know why. Please indulge my pensive meanderings.

Things I wish for as I officially enter my 40's:

More time for swimming.

A better golf game - or at least to keep it in the fairway.

Less anger, more smile.

Remember the fun in a bike ride.

To know I can fly to Vegas on a red-eye and a whim, and be home in time to work the next day.

Remember how much I like salad, so I can feel better about taking my shirt off.

Find the energy/time to begin the hobby of oil painting.

Remember to take a camera wherever I go, and get more pictures of the kids and other things that move me.

To simplify my world, cut unnecessary weight and have the ability to ebb and flow as I see fit.
To remember that I still feel 25.

To not let the next 40 years pass as fast as the first 40.

(to be continued...)


1 comment:

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yeah! Get camera. I want pix of you showing off tummy after 300th straight day of rabbit food.