Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday observations

This weekend felt twice as long as usual. Friday, I discovered that my subwoofers in the car aren't working. And when my audio's not right, nothing's right. You can bet the car is in the shop right-damn-now.


Students at Washington University in St. Louis are conducting a protest and hunger strike. Well, not really a hunger strike, because they've already given up on that...

The subject of the protest is, what they believe to be the too-low salaries and sub-adequate benefits of campus workers. Not the professors, mind you. The cooks, custodians, etc. So students decided to try to attract media attention with this "protest."

One of the local morning shows had a listener on campus, and sent the listener walking up to the protestors for an interview. There were about 8 protestors there, most were sleeping (at 9 am today) but all refused to be interviewed.

It appears we now know the level of resolve of these students, (first they take turns with their "hunger strike," call it off, then refuse media interviews) so this should be wrapped up soon.

Question to the students: Who do you think pays the salaries of those campus workers? If you guessed "Mom & Dad," you're starting to get the picture. In the free market system, it's up to the workers to negotiate their best deal, or leave. It's up to the college to pay them more, or not. Your parents WILL be the ones who ultimately suffer.

Perhaps if you feel that strongly, kids... YOU should pay them more! Sacrifice one meal a day and hand the money to the guy mowing the lawn. Just say no to beer for the weekend and give the dough to the woman working the snack bar. Forgo the new swimsuit and slide the cash to the custodian.

Suggest that to the "protestors," and the proceeding would be over faster than you could say "bong party at Dave's place."

Funny how college students aren't nearly as smart as they believe.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

You got enough bongs, or do I need to bring my own? (And don't invite any uppity, no-nothing college students; they wouldn't appreciate run-of-the-mill doobie. Only the best for them.)

Dave Morris said...

Hoss, what do you mean "got enough bongs?" What am I, a rookie?