Monday, October 24, 2005

Smelly socks*

As a matter of fact, I DID have a good weekend, thank you. Despite the very busy nature of things around here, I was able (much like a bee is able to find the lovely bloom of a Buttercup, or a dingo is occasionally able to find a carcass) to find things to do that involve wine, sports and physical exercise. Two of these things were enjoyable.

Day 1 - Saturday, 11 am - a bunch of friends departed for Hermann... the heart of Missouri Wine Country. Oktoberfest continued this weekend and clearly some were quite, um... festive. We met a couple from Jefferson City who were toastier than most, and the husband was quite intent on showing us his wife's surgically enhanced breasts. I should add, quite unsolicited and with little warning.

She didn't seem to mind this Girls Gone Wild reenactment. She did seem very motivated to wear my sunglasses and when I returned from the restroom I found she had kicked them around on the ground, bent them into an unidentifiable $85 mass of wire and glass and scratched the lenses remarkably thoroughly for such a drunk person.

I was happy to be numbered among the wise in the group, and spent Oktoberfest observing the intoxication of OTHERS, sipping wine and enjoying the weather. We were back in the city by 7:30 pm and I crashed on the couch to watch the White Sox beat Houston in game 1.

Day 2 - Sunday 9 am - We were able to procure tickets to the Rams game, so it was an early rise (by weekend standards) and drive downtown. We wound up with a win over the Saints in a come-from-behind performance in the second half. It wasn't pretty, but I'll take it.

By the time I arrived back home, I barely had time for a load of laundry and to watch game 2 of the series. GREAT game, the White Sox won with a bottom-of-the-ninth walk-off homer.

There was very little rest, but lots of recreation over the weekend. I really need a couple of days off.

*nothing at all about smelly socks in this post.


Justice said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend.

awaterpixie said...

alot of excitement all packed into 1 teenie weenie weekend!

I walked in just in time to see the homerun at the end ::sigh::


Weary Hag said...

Actually, there was something about socks, just not smelly ones - White Sox.
Then too, if thinking along those lines, I'll bet some of the socks of the Sox were pretty ripe after the game.

Great to have you back home safe and almost sound.

Lee Ann said...

Don't you just love this cooler weather. It is going down to 39* tonight. I am glad you had a good weekend. Told you that wine would help the dizziness. :)

Spinning Girl said...

Ahhh, what a lovely weekend. Being the sober person in a group of drunk people is very eye-opening. After a few hours I find that I have nothing to talk about with anybody. If I'm not flashing my boobies (which i often am) or talking about the meaning of life in a loud, weepy voice, I have few options. I wish I hadn't developed an addiction to wine or I would so enjoy slowly sipping a glass or two with you! How about you sip and I drive?

lilly05 said...

Ahhh, a vacation from your weekend vacation? Glad to hear you had a great time!! It's always more amusing to be the sober one in the group. I've learned this truth the hard way of course.

Bobby said...

good to hear you had a nice time.

Used Hack said...

Sounds like the drunk lady was flirting with you. :)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Uh, what was the physical exercise? One load of laundry?

(Since you didn't use the title "Smelly Feet," can I have it?)

Rob Seifert said...

ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses" started playing in my mind as soon as you mentioned the $85 pile. Here's to being wise enough not to get snockered with the rest of them! I'm certain the need for a weekend for your weekend would have been much greater.