Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bezbohl been berry, berry good to me

The weather is SO great here today I have the urge to blow off work, rent a convertible and go for a road trip. After the astounding Cardinals game last night, with Albert Pujols snatching the Cardinals from the precipice of elimination with a ninth inning, two out, one strike BLAST, I am still in a state of delirium. It reminds me why baseball is America's pasttime.

Of course, then the ticket broker prices I've had to pay to attend the games remind me of the things that are so very, very wrong.

So I'm off to the studio for a rousing day of voice overs, then an evening on the patio with a cigar. At least that's the plan... I will check in later with an update of how it actually plays out.


Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

Yeah, that was stunning to watch.

Chris Cope said...

And yesterday I had intended to make fun of you for being a Cards fan.

Lee Ann said...

I heard your voice over on your site, but I would just love to hear in person. I think it is soooooo cool.

Justice said...

OK, when did I miss your voice posting? Where do I find it?

The Everglades said...

Will it offend you to know that I'm pulling for the 'Stros?

I'm a Texan. It is my duty.*


*I do not support George W. This is NOT my duty as a Texan.

Weary Hag said...

JUSTICE - go to where it says "my business" above Dave's other links. On that site, click "demo" ... you're in for a treat.

Dave ... go Cardinals! Talk about a nice save... guess I can wear my t-shirt again.

Looking forward to seeing them in the Series (or else making fun of them if they fail to make it in).

Kidding -

OldHorsetailSnake said...

As part of my duty to always root for the underdog, I am for Houston. So when Pujols came up, I said to my wife, "Uh, oh." Uh, oh, is right...

Attica said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog about the Cards. Pujol's shot was amazing! I wish I could have attending a game this season at Busch Stadium. I'm originally from Columbia, MO and have been to many Cards games, but now I'm in the Air Force and in Wichita. I hope to make it up for a couple of games for the new stadium.

Take care.