Sunday, October 30, 2005

Getting something off my political chest

The political posturing in the CIA leak investigation is getting as tiresome to watch as “Survivor 7 – Living Directly In an Incinerator.” (or whatever manifestation of a tired concept they are on now) Democrats are devouring it as if Bush fondled children, and Republicans are aghast that this “politically motivated” investigation would be so bold as to indict someone for a series of lies indirect to an investigation, and that it could lead to the “criminalization of politics.”

First, to the Republicans… come on. Much of politics should be criminal. Pork, cronyism, leaks, should be illegal. The day you give a critical government position to an unqualified buddy, use budget money for a useless pet project or abuse the press to forward your agenda, you should be impeached and charged with something akin to treason.

As for the investigation, remember when Bill Clinton was indicted (and impeached) for lying in a similar manner? It was pile-on time. He was lying about receiving oral sex, not about leaking a CIA agent’s identification, and possibly deeper, the origins and justification of a war. Don’t get me wrong, Clinton was guilty of lying. But such short memories you have. The feeding frenzy among the GOP at that time couldn’t have been reproduced by the best Hollywood special effect people as part of Jaws 4: Yet Another Goddamn Sequel.

And to the Democrats, calm down, this is still an investigation. Busy yourselves working on your plan. You people spend all day criticizing the Bush administration regarding the war, the deficit, health care, while taking no time to develop your own strategy to tackle those issues. I hear you rant about how bad things are, but see no evidence of you getting your political shit together. I’ve never seen a party that wants the White House so badly, yet has such little to say about what they’d do if they were actually there.

On another subject, the political bullshit squabbling surrounding the grim milestone of 2000 deaths in Iraq sickened me. Republican talk show hosts like the irritating Laura Ingraham spent the entire day talking about how any media outlet who reported the death toll milestone is a liberal outlet with an agenda.

Gee, Laura, I believe I spent a little time that day discussing our dead men and women, hoping it was not in vain.  And mourning. Perhaps you should hearken back to the lessons of Media 101: The Press’ Job is to Report Facts, and things which consumers find captivating and compelling. Doing so doesn’t mark the press as liberal, you idiot. There is plenty of real, actual evidence of the press’ political leanings.

One more thing. Philosophically I lean conservative, but I’m a member of the VAST majority in America who fall somewhere in the middle. Those who believe the world to be neither black nor white, but interesting shades of grey.  I’m growing weary of the misuse of the word “patriotic.” Somehow, the definition has been adulterated. It’s now a barely recognizable mutation, congruous to blindness.

Patriotism is not blind. It’s caring enough to keep your eyes open.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

That is so right.

Did you know if you leave Earl Grey tea in the water long enough, it will turn almost black? But if you just barely dip it in, it will never be gray? I don't know if those are varying shades.

Mishka said...

My sister and I are constanting wondering the same thing...just like Sarah the would be great if both extreme ends of politics just went away and left those of us that just want "life liberty and pursuit of happiness" alone.

My step mother is extreme in one direction and she is always asking my how I can be patriotic and still be liberal. I tell her that my patriotism is not based on whatever administation or legislature we have in office, it is based on a belief in the system and that the system works. What half of the country does not like today, the other half will not like in a few years when we have all cycled around again.

Oh, and I totally just talked to my husband about the exact same thing you mentioned about Clinton and Bush today...I guess great minds think alike..huh???

I like the grays (not in my hair), they make life more interesting.

lilly05 said...

Preach it brutha! RCS and I were also just discussing these particular subjects ourselves and We both agree that the Demicans and Republicrats do not speak for us (thanks Ani) The story is the same regardless of who's in the office. I'll admit that there are some pretty glaring differences between the war in Iraq and a blowjob, but it is all the same at it's core. They are all liars looking to further their own agenda. How's that for patriotism?

Spinning Girl said...

You are so cute when you get your ire up.

Weary Hag said...

Being Halloween, I only wish the politicians would play fair - even just for today - and take their masks off. Talk about a reality show... talk about a reveal!

When I think of politics (today) I feel like I'm the little tot standing at the door holding my bag open for hours on end while the people in the house (the politicians) stand there arguing with one another about whether I deserve a trick or a treat.

I've had enough tricks. Fuck them, I want some candy for a change.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I have a hard-on for Laura Ingrahm.

Raehan said...

So well said. Can I hire you?