Monday, October 10, 2005

Cigar irony

A group of us decided to break routine last week for lunch downtown and a trip to the Macanudo Tent, a roadshow that the Macanudo cigar company takes from town to town. It's basically a big tent with leather chairs and couches, free shoe shines, free massages, a big screen television and door prizes.

We walked in and were handed our free cigar lighters and cutters, then given our choice of a cigar from the fine selection of Macanudos on hand. We sat on a big leather couch and I fired up my cigar.

The effect of such a flagrant violation was soon felt throughout the tent. "Sir! I'm sorry, there's no smoking allowed."

Is this the height of irony? Have things become so PC that a cigar event restricts the smoking... of cigars? It would be like going to a bar and being told you have to go home to drink. Or hitting your favorite restaurant, only to be told there's no eating. Or, going to Las Vegas' "Chicken Ranch" and being told you'll have to go home and have sex with your wife.

Okay maybe I've taken the analogies to the extreme... where was I?

Oh yeah. When we were outside, one of the Macanudo girls was drawing names for door prizes, which were mostly boxes of cigars - GREAT prizes. "Gary Stokes?" She called my buddy's name. He jogged over to her, elated to have won what he thought would be a box of cigars.

It was a cap. And he wasn't allowed to wear it inside.

Then the final piece of irony of the day, Dr. Mike noticed that the Macanudo girl had a suspicious looking growth on her lip... resembling lip cancer.

Me, Dr. Mike and Gary smoking one OUTSIDE the
Macanudo tent, next to the fountain,
which has been colored
Cardinal Red for the playoffs.


Weary Hag said...

As you may already know, irony pretty much rules my life. I thought your analogies were priceless!

My daughter works at a roadside diner. The other day they ran out of coffee. I thought that was completely hilarious; same theme as your post.

As I sat wearing my Cardinals tee and watching my boyz (not the Cards) play some ball, I thought for a fleeting moment "oh jeeze, I forgot to stop into Dave's place today." So what does this mean? Now everytime I smell a stanky cigar I'll be looking to read you too? Christ.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Or moving into a retirement home and being put to work.

gary said...

Anyone want to damn buy a hat....or trade it for a cigar...or for anything??? Hey Dr.. Mike, Why's that water RED???

If ya'll go back a couple of posts, I'd like to add to the 1000 things wrong with Dave list (isn't that what it was called?)...If you wern't home cleaning the damn sink....maybe you could be on time!!!

Soory Dave, but I know you'd think less of me if I didn't add that!

Dr. Mike said...

Okay, so I didn't associate the red water with the Cards... It seriously resembled blood.

Justice said...

The irony of that was way too funny.

The Everglades said...

I love original irony. Classic.


Lee Ann said...

That is truly irony at it's best! Too bad you didn't get to enjoy the cigar AT the cigar tent! Maybe they decided it was not in everyone's best interest after the Macanudo girl developed the growth on her lip! eeewwwhhhh!

Storm said...

Geez! That truly sucks. I'm so done with all the PC crap.

Spinning Girl said...


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I hate PC. It's the bastard child of identity politics.

I once wrote the NYT about the persecution of smokers. They published it. I received hate mail and everything.