Monday, September 05, 2005

Seven Things I...

I was tagged by Musie to complete this questionairre. I don't have a problem doing these, I realize there is huge demand for information on what makes me tick. I'm just here to help.

Seven things I..

Plan to do before I die:

1. Go to Australia on vacation, drink Fosters, Australian for beer.
2. Live 2 years in Manhattan, dine daily at a different restaurant, see all shows/plays.
3. Live on a beach for a while. Daily margarita, jog with dog, do my best to “keep sand out of it.”
4. Have the guts to try a double black diamond at Beaver Creek. Sit in hot tub afterward with impressed slope bunnies.
5. Make love to Halle Berry again.
6. Attend NYE at Times Square.
7. Be 100 percent certain that Coke really is The Real Thing.

Can do:

1. Completely kick Dr. Mike’s ass at poker.
2. Hit a golf ball completely around the globe.
3. Make a KILLER stir fry.
4. Skydive.
5. Play the saxophone.
6. Drive a boat fairly well, although it’s been a while.
7. Snow ski.

Can't do:

1. Prove I’ve ever made love to Halle Berry, you’ll just have to believe me.
2. Be a beacon if my light don’t shine.
3. Stay below the speed limit.
4. Perform mechanic work on a car.
5. Water ski.
6. Pass up a chance to enjoy raw oysters and champagne.
7. Risk the embarrassment of shitting my pants by skydiving again.

Find attractive:

1. Intelligence.
2. Self confidence.
3. Sense of humor.
4. The female tummy.
5. Professional drive, but good balance.
6. Anyone who finds me attractive.
7. Logic and sensibility, but good playful balance.

Say the most:

1. “Another L-O-N-G set of Great Oldies!”
2. “Halle, could you pass me another oyster?”
3. “Outside, Regis?” (my dog)
4. “A beer sounds really good right now.”
5. “F*ck me running.” (I don’t know what it means, it’s just something I’ve said for a long time)
6. “Another L-O-N-G set of continuous country music!”
7. “One more beer sounds really good right now.”

My celebrity crushes:

1. Halle Berry
2. Helen Hunt
3. Scarlet Johannson
4. Kate Hudson
5. Rebecca Romijn
6. Catherine Zeta-Jones
7. Shania Twain
8. (bonus) Ernest Borgnine

Disclaimer: All this shit is true. All of it. Except a couple of things. Otherwise, all of it.


Lee Ann said...

A visual on #5 of what you say the most! hmmmm.....picture that:)

Spinning Girl said...

Yes to Australia.
Yes to Manhattan.
Yes to the beach.
Yes to margaritas, virgin.
Yes to dog.
Yes to hot tub.
No to slope bunnies.
Maybe to Halle Berry.
Yes to January in Times Square.
Yes to Coke.

Yes to poker.
Yes to golf.
Yes to stir fry.
No to skydiving.
Yes, YES to saxophone, or any instrument with possible exception of piccolo.
Yes to the boat.
Yes to skiing.

Yes to being a beacon.
Yes to your light shining.
(Yes to me doing my lesson plans, instead of blogging?!? It's 9PM for chrissake!)
Yes to speeding, within reason.
Yes to fixing your own car, but alas.
Maybe to water skiing again.
Yes to oysters.
No to champagne.
No to shitty pants.

Yes to intelligence.
Yes to confidence.
Yes to sense of humor.
Yes to tummies, and other miscellaneous rounded parts.
Yes to drive.
Yes to balance.
Yes to finding you attractive.
Yes to logic.
Yes to sensibility.
Yes to playful.

No to oldies. the 80's are oldies, ayuh?
Yes to your voice.
Yes to your voice saying L-O-N-G.
No to Halle giving you an oyster.
Yes to Regis going outside when he needs to.
No to asking Regis if that's his final answer.
No to beer, unfortunately. How about a Kaliber?
Yes to ... you having a funny saying all your own.
Maybe to country music, depending.
Yes to your voice saying just about anything.
Yes to another Kaliber.

Yes to having celebrity crushes.

OK, we're all good.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Oh, yeah, I'd shag Ernie Borgnine in a New York minute.

(What, pray tell, is "a New York minute"?)

(Halle Berry is reading this over my shoulder; says to send you regrets.)

Justice said...

Love me some Catherine Zeta Jones...she is HOT!!!

Weary Hag said...

Fun, fun, fun. #5 on your "say most often" list reminds me of that old joke about the young Indian brave who asks his father how he came to name him and his two sisters "Three Deer Running" and "Two Hawks Flying." The chief explains that while each child was being conceived, he looked outside the tent and named them according to what he first set eyes on. The chief then turned to his son and said, "Why do you ask, Two Dogs Fucking?"