Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dave's Wheel of News, Thursday Edition

Because... two, three or four blades just aren't enough...

Like Madonna's bra in the 80's, this is a huge waste of metal. I tried the Quattro razor with four blades, and lost more skin than a jogger in sandpaper-lined underwear. With this new five bladed razor, you'll have a hairless face by virtue of the fact that hair doesn't grow through scabs.


This is HUGE news!

It's a BOY!!!

Thank goodness it's a boy, the world doesn't need another Britney. Come to think of it, we really don't need another Kevin Federline.

Come to think of it, I don't give a shit.



More debate about "Under God," and the California courts decide it's unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton said the pledge's reference to one nation "under God'' violates students' constitutional right to be "free from a coercive requirement to affirm God.''

Come on. This is a ritualistic group of words. If a student is forced to say the words, I have a problem. As long as it remains elective, who really cares?

The words "under God" are intentionally vague and applicable to whatever belief system to which you might subscribe. Since most have some religious belief, it works within a majority system. If you have no belief system, you are allowed to simply not say the words "under God" if you wish.

You can't capriciously eliminate things just because one or a few are offended. Majority still rules, last time I checked.


Delta, Northwest file bankruptcy.

"Both carriers will continue flying in reorganization and plan no immediate changes to their schedules, cities served, fares or frequent-flier plans. But their operations will shrink."

Do me a favor, congress. No more bailouts. In this free enterprise system, it's insanely unfair to allow a business to operate in a manner which the market won't bear.

If these guys are smart, they will take the opportunity to scale back to a level that helps them compete financially. "Bigger is better" is no longer the operational paradigm in the airline industry.



Weary Hag said...

I just purchased one of those nifty pink lady electric jobbies. It looks cool on the shelf next to Ed's heavy duty turbo man-machine, and it saves me about three seconds per leg. What more could a gal ask for?

I don't give a hoot about Britany's new title (mommy) either. In fact, I'm annoyed that I've spent this much time writing as much.

lilly05 said...

I'm a simple kinda girl when it comes to hair removal...the easier, the better! Can't say I'm into the colors either, but I must admit that the one I am currently using is in fact pink. I'm a sissy lala folks! I've never believed that the majority rules this country. The few who have the gold are still the ones making all the rules, we the people are just sheep. Can I hear a baaaaaa anyone? Stupid people are offended by the mere mention of A God, let alone one that they could concevibly mistake for the God of the fundamentalist right wing. All just another stupid distraction to keep us all occupied and uninterested in the REAL problems that our country is facing! Kinda like the flag burning "epidemic" that we "barely avoided" Laf! So scary it's laughable. ;~}

Lee Ann said...

I doubt there would be any hair follicles left after you scrape off your skin.
Did you forget there is another Britney? Her younger sister, Jamie Lynn (I think). Anyway, she looks exactly like a young Britney (the way she dresses and all)! What a shame. I got an email the other day, that went on about no prayer in school, under God shouldn't be on money, etc. etc. Then they had a good point. Why are government offices closed on Christmas? Why are they not open on Sundays? I think I said it before, people try to be "politically correct" and it is screwing everything up. You know, we could go on forever about this topic, I am just too tired today! I am in total agreement with what you said..."You can't capriciously eliminate things just because one or a few are offended. Majority still rules, last time I checked.

Spinning Girl said...

I was here, I was entertained, I left pondering a caption for the next post...

Amanda Matilda said...

I don't want to fly on any airline that has scaled back any more than NW and DL already have (not to mention most of the other U.S. carriers). They scale back any further and they're going to start dropping out of the sky.

Since 9/11, there's not a lot of fat in the airline industry.

Bobby said...

the government never offers to bail me out. and I still pay the huge fairs the airlines charge for the insanely small seats.