Thursday, September 08, 2005

hahahhahaa... SWIPE OUT!

These two-thousand dollar debit cards being handed out to evacuees of Katrina sound like a questionable idea to me.

Who gets them? What can you buy with them? Who is paying? Do people who complied with the original evacuation order get one? The answers aren't completely clear, except to say that not everyone qualifies. Who is taking time to check qualifications?

This will turn out to be a huge mess for many reasons, just wait. Another bad idea among many regarding the handling of this catastrophe. FEMA head Michael Brown is unqualified for the position he holds. It goes to show you, it truly is "who you know."

And "Brownie" is the guy that President Bush complimented during a briefing recently. Closed circuit message to W: sometimes it's best to just say nothing, huh?


Justice said...

I agree with you totally. How are people supposed to use debit cards when so many places in the area can't accept electronic payment right now?

Bush is a true idiot...and he just keeps proving it over and over and over.

Lee Ann said...

I wondered about those debit cards too. Wonder if they can only use them for certain items?

Dr. Mike said...

Hey, easy on the $2K debit cards. I put on some old, smelly jeans and got two of them. They questioned my identity, but I spoofed them by saying that I'm homeless and all my shit was drowned in the hurricane.

Then I butten in line and did it again. Sure, they asked if I had been there! I just asked them if they were crazy and told them I was homeless from Louisiana and all my shit drowned... Chah-ching! I'm thinking about going there every day.

Amandarama said...

I would like a free debit card, but I would also like to not be homeless. And Louisiana is an awfully long drive from here.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Two grand? I'd buy stock in Anheiser-Busch if I were you. They're gonna be some liquor-sellin' mofos.

Weary Hag said...

I think everyone in the country should just get one incase they missed out on anyone.
Ed and I predicted this entire mess when they first announced the "giveaway." The folks in Baton Rouge and Biloxi are already in an uproar because they didn't get any yet, and they may not at all.
Way to go. Take a brandy new "class" of people (homeless due to hurricane) and create injustice among them too. Woo hoo. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Chris Cope said...

I can't find anyone who thinks the debit cards sound like a good idea. They sound ripe for fraud. But I'm sure our government has thought this out carefully and will ensure that everything runs smoothly. What? Why is everyone laughing at me?