Tuesday, September 27, 2005


There seems to be order to the chaos if you step back far enough. Whoa, not THAT far.

On my visits to my favorite blogs this morning, it became obvious that people, through whatever means... telepathically, spiritually or plagiarizingly... are in sync. Since I'm fairly sure most of these people don't read each other's blogs, I must dismiss plagiarism.

There seem to be a lot of references to farts, butts, gayness, shoe purchasing and Kenny Loggins. It's uncanny, this synchronicity I experienced today.

Now, I'm a realist so I'm fairly sure there is an explanation for it. Perhaps today's news is laden with references to Jake Gyllenhaal and even the most staunch of heterosexual is questioning their orientation. Or a T-mobile billboard campaign featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones went up and women everywhere were forced to contemplate the unthinkable... that, if stranded on a desert island with Zeta-Jones and they were CERTAIN nobody would ever find out... hmmm. Would they? COULD they? (side note: there is not a woman alive who won't admit to being attracted to Catherine Zeta-Jones, and that's just hot)

It could be something completely different, perhaps Oprah had the cast of a broadway musical on her show yesterday, and long after the show had ended, the station had gone off the air and a test pattern appeared on the screen, male viewers, still torn... on one side by their own deep desire to take in a broadway show, and on the other to eat steak, change the oil and carouse women... remained entranced, sitting, staring in quiet contemplation while the 1000 hertz tone echoed through their houses. (this reference would have been a real diamond 20 years ago when television stations actually broadcast test patterns and tones after they left the air)

I might never find the answer as to why some days the blog world seems in sync... yet in bringing it up, I've done my part to perpetuate it.


Chris Johnson said...

Catherine Zeta Jones is Smokin' HOT!!

Weary Hag said...

Oh gosh. I do so love it when you perpetuate.

By the way, after careful consideration, I realize now that in fact, I'm not as attracted to CZJ as she is to me. Sad, but true.

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

I am entranced by Zeta-Jones. I was drooling during a cellphone commercial while watching TV after a family get-together dinner and my older siter gave me crap for it. She can't stand her. I don't understand.

Lee Ann said...

Okay, okay, Dave ~ I admit it!
Happy now?

phoenix said...

Ummm, You took the words right out of my mouth Dave :)

I have always said that any woman that says she has not had fantasies of being with another woman is lying to you through her teeth!

Amandarama said...

"...farts, butts, gayness, shoe purchasing and Kenny Loggins."

Uh, I didn't write about any of that.

Must've missed the memo...damn...

Spinning Girl said...

Blogsync... Evidence of the Unknowable One. And I think you've coined a term!

Oh, and I'd totally jump Catherine, desert isle or no.

Just for her shoes.

Justice said...

In my personal opinion Catherine Zeta Jones is the hottest woman in Hollywood.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Okay, I'll go along. I have copied the test pattern. Where do I get the tone?

Wigwam Jones said...

So, I had not read your blog when I made today's blog entry. Farts. Dog farts. See, I am always a day late and a dollar short. As to KZJ - she's ok, I guess. Jessica Harper, she's fine.

Chris Cope said...

Gah. I left a comment and now it's disappeared.

Chris Cope said...

Fine, here it is again:

Mmmmmm. Catherine Zeta-Jones. I would like to be locked in shed in Laugharne with her.*

*This, quite possibly, is the most intelligent comment I have ever made, referencing famous Welsh types and literary history all at once.

Used Hack said...

I've noticed that too. There are several times I've written about things (or thought about writing things) at the same time as Blog Ho, Pop Fizz and Annaland. I know there's plaguerism (God I hate that word. I know I misspelled it.) going on. It is as you explained it.

Ari said...

The other day I, too, randomly remembered that no TV stations sign off at night anymore.

No more color bars and no more same-tone-used-for-the-emergency- broadcast-system scaring you awake at 12:01.

One day, we'll all of us be sitting somewhere blathering on about this and vinyl LP records.

All in sync.

Used Hack said...

Sorry, missing word alert.

I meant to say "I know there's NOT plagiarism going on."

(I looked up "plagiarism" this time too.)