Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday morning bugga boo

I took my daughter to the theater last night and barely found a place to park. There were actually "people" there dressed as Star Wars characters. This is a good sign that things have gone awry in a person's life.

I saw a television report last week about a Star Wars memorabilia collector who had named his three kids Ben, Luke and ... some other name from the series. That man is a freak. *

The movie we saw was Monster-In-Law, with J-Lo and Jane Fonda. The movie made me feel old because of how old Jane looked - and tired because of how bad the movie was.

So I left the theater feeling old and tired. (and normal, thanks to the costumed geeks)


If you want to have fun and feel good, take your kid to a nursery, let them pick out some plants, trees or flowers, and go home and plant them. Courtney's project was to remove last year's ornamental grass by the pool and choose something to replace it. She did all the work, made the hard choices and they look great!


My bedroom windows face East, and the blinds aren't the solid ones. They are fabric, and don't block the sun very well. Consequently, I awaken every morning at sunrise, and it's hard to sleep any later.

Last week, Tawnya bought me one of those sleep masks. I have no idea how I look in it, but I'm sure it's not good. Since I'm sleeping alone, I decided to give it a try.

Those things really work! Complete darkness for as long as I want to sleep... which is especially convenient if I've had a fifth of scotch before bed.

I just need to get over the fact that those masks are generally worn by older women. Which means I will most likely go back to waking up at the crack o' dawn.


Something Dave doesn't understand - TLC's "Clean Sweep." A show where the host and a crew go into someone's dirty house... and clean it up.

This is television? And why is it we should exalt someone who can't seem to keep their crib tidy and liveable?

This is called "reality" television.

Anything but.


Time for breakfast. Waffles sound good!


* although perhaps not as strange as George Foreman naming all FOUR of his sons George and one of his daughters Georgetta. (does this man never stop copulating?) OR Tea Leoni and David Duchovny naming their son Kyd. (which is why Tea Leoni is no longer on my "freebie list")


Angie said...

After reading so many stories about social services taking children because the parents do not keep a clean house I wonder what the powers that be think of that show. Because these people live in posh neighborhoods and some of the houses are fabulous are they not regarded in the same light as their poorer counterparts? The other show with the same game of cleaning other peoples houses are just the nastiest things I have ever see. And what about the homes those to English women clean? YUCK!!!!

Angie said...

err ... "two" English women ...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I wonder if those Star Wars idiots would explode in the microwave?

You don't like the mask? Cut two holes in it and be The Lone Ranger. Then when the sun comes up you blast it with your six-shooters.

Kerouaced said...

"This is a good sign that things have gone awry in a person's life." That line made me crack up. It's so true...

Chris Cope said...

Naming your kid Luke or Ben isn't so bad because normal people have those names. It's when you name them Lando or Boba that you've got a problem.

phoenix said...

Sleeping alone? No desire to see Monster in law unless you tell me that JLo gets even and slaps Jane around a bit :)

We have let my son have a corner of our veggie garden and he is growing herbs. He loves it!

If those people came to my house to clean they would all have to get shots... my dust bunnies are rabid :P
Sleeping alone?

I stop reading for a week... oy

Debalina said...

I wonder, is Star-Wars effecting people's mental stability?

When my mom removes the curtains every morning so that the sunlight comes crashing in my eyes, I just take another pillow and go off to sleep, it might be lil disturbing,but it works every morning for me !

Weary Hag said...

Dave, just testing the waters here to make sure I can still sign in as a Blogger. Don't know what happened to my "Outpost" but am hoping it will fix itself by morning!
Thanks again for caring enough to let me know it's down.