Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dave's Variety Sheet

Carol, alias "Weary Hag," owns one of the best blog names I've heard. It conjures up a great mental image... her writing style and approach to life are spot-on for the name.

The Cerebral Outpost

An outpost is a distant "camp," almost like the one at the south pole. Lonely sounding, yet sort of warm and inviting, like an oasis. A far away corner of her brain. If you get a second, drop by her digs and say hello. She's a fantastic writer.


A morning by the pool with coffee is a great way to help you "center." The breeze, birds, bubbling sound of the jets, a bumblebee floating by. I have no trouble getting psyched up for work after a start like this.


President Bush loses me again, this time on the stem cell issue. The house passed a lift on the president's ban of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, but of course the president promises to veto it. MOST of the research would use embryos which are going to be destroyed anyway, leftover from fertility clinics for invitro fertilization procedures. So why not just compromise and limit the research to only embryos which will be destroyed anyway?

I can understand taking a pro-life stance. But if you're pro-life, shouldn't you be concerned for cancer, spinal cord injury and other disease victims? These are people who are already alive, who have dependent children... who are already important to their loved ones and already functioning societal participants.

Does contributing to their death by refusing to fund potentially life-saving research constitute a pro-life stance? In my opinion, it does not.


Another great reason to use sunblock - it makes you slippery!


Search terms which have lead people to my blog in the past 48 hours:

sucking tits pics (HUH??!?!)
national Treasure stuff
80 Ford Fiesta (ah, yes - the third car I ever owned)
Anna Kournikova
dirty dave videos (again, HUH!?!?!?)
Costner and epiphany and chef
the words to the circle of life
Sams Wholesale Club
born-again Christian
cat covering up shit picture (uh, no I never posted one)
Maryland Heights and laundry mats
men’s event palm restaurant Nashville
Brittney Spears
Robata of Japan

I find it fascinating how people stumble upon my little corner of the universe. Whoever you are, welcome. Come by anytime!



Kerouaced said...

I'm not sure why the president refuses to accept stem cell research, it could possibly do so much good. I suppose it has to do with him trying to repay some of the extremists that have hijacked the Republican party...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I wonder if I yelled GEORGE W. BUSH here in the comments that you would get hits from people trying to find his email address. I hope so. Then you can pretend to be George and tell everybody how sorry you are for pretending to be a human being.

You're sure right, Dave, about Carol Outpost. She's very good.

Weary Hag said...

What can I say, Dave? Thanks so much for the kind words and free plug! Muchly appreciated.
As to the slippery woman ... lucky her. But bad reporting, yet again. Now every potential rapist is going to rush out to Home Depot and get a pair of non-skid gloves.
Couldn't agree more about the pro-life argument you put out there. Good point!
And though I haven't a pool in the yard, I do have the great pleasure of living aside a large pond. Watching the heron stretch his wings while he stands at the edge of the dock at 5:30 ~ it's like magic.
Thanks again.