Tuesday, May 17, 2005

NOW is the time for alternative energy development

Heads are being pulled out of the sand, only to be met with more bad news regarding the warming of the Earth.


Scientists now have evidence that changes are occurring in the Gulf Stream, the warm and powerful ocean current that tempers the western European climate. Without the influence of the Gulf Stream and its two northern branches, the North Atlantic Drift and the Canary Current, the weather in Britain could be more like that of Siberia, which shares the same latitude.

Wadhams and other scientists say the slowing of the Gulf Stream could contribute to other severe effects on the planet, such as the complete melting of the Arctic ice cap in the summer months. That could eliminate the habitat and lead to the extinction of Arctic wildlife, including the polar bear. Current predictions indicate that could happen as early as 2020 or as late as 2080.

Look, I don't mean to sound harsh... and this IS just one piece of the evidence puzzle... but if you've been skeptical about global warming, it's time to wake up. The clear scientific data is overwhelming, and the process appears to be moving faster than anyone predicted.


Chris Cope said...

What confounds me is how easy some of the solutions are. Like biodiesel and ethanol. Engines don't need to be dramatically rebuilt (if at all) and the raw material comes from fields in the Heartland of America, where, you may have noticed, there are no terrorists. It's beneficial for the nation's economy, the nation's security and the environment. I can't even come up with words to describe how confused and frustrated I am that we persist in using so much oil.

Sid Dithers said...

C'mon...that scenario is right out of the junk science that we watched in The Day After Tomorrow.

Use the oil. Use the coal. Use it all up. Just because we don't have an alternate source now is no reason not to be energy-resource profligate. Our children, or our grandchildren, will find the answers if we don't. Why should we consider our time as the only time for discovery? Kinda arrogant of us, eh?

And they'll discover what to do with all that leftover nook-ya-ler crap too.

Raehan said...

My next car will be a hybrid, if I can affford it.

Good post! I agree.

EvolutioN said...

I completely agree to ur views... and the fact is that I can feel it myself...

ten years ago, the average temperature of Calcutta was at least 2 to 3 degrees lower than what it is now... and the fact is that this is a process which is accelarated... u know??? the more the pollution, the greater is the heat, the greater the heat, the greater is the chances of fuel being ill utilized because of the machines not performing at their optimal level... so there... u got more and accelerated pollution...

We have to do something, and we hafta do it fast... Otherwise, forget the next generation, ten years down the line, its us who are gonna suffer...

Love, laughter n Keep the Faith


PS: Nice posts... awesome sights!!!