Friday, May 20, 2005

Another installment of "Who's Dave?!?"

The following may cause you to "call Ralph on the big porcelain phone":

51- I think the Spaniards have it right, the whole world should shut down at 2:00pm daily for a one-hour nap. You could use that time for whatever you wanted. (read: nooner)

52- I believed it would be different, but owning my dream car ended up like owning any other car. The floor board gets dirty and I don’t wash it often enough. I DO believe the birds know which of us drive our life-long dream cars.

53- When I was a kid, we had a pool in our backyard. When the autumn came, I always knew which kids were friends and which kids just wanted to have a swim. Screw those people.

54- I have met most country music artists of the last 15 years, and am lucky enough to call a few of them “friends.” I’m still not sure how Chesney ended up marrying Zellewegger. I really gotta give Mr. Perpetual Bachelor some shit about that one.

55- My “freebie list” (a “Friends” show reference to famous people you could sleep with and nobody could get upset with you for doing so, even your spouse) would include Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina Jolie and Rebecca Romijn.

56- Dessert is not an important part of a meal for me, I only occasionally desire anything sweet.

57- I have the desire to be artistic – I want to try oil painting. I have no childhood art projects or past experience that would indicate I will not fail at this endeavor.

58- Women who smoke turn me off. Yet I smoke cigars and expect women to LOVE me. I’m such a bastard that way.

59- I’m not particular about how I like my eggs. Over easy is my favorite, but scrambled, poached, hard-boiled… all are good. In fact, I’ve just talked myself into breakfast, a meal I usually skip.

60- I don’t do necklaces, ear ring or any jewelry except a ring occasionally. I went through a phase where I wanted to wear gold chunk jewelry. I am happy I exited the phase before actually buying any of that crap.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I wouldn't give any of your "Freebie" women the time of day because they have already refused to give me the time of day. I love to get even with celebrities.

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

I am very particlar about my eggs. My yolks must be runny so I can use my toast as a mop OR I can have them scrambled with lots and lots of cheese in them.

Nothing else will do.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm glad to read you like all kinds of eggs. I don't like eggs, so the more of them you take care of, the better!

Angie said...

I will soon have chickens on my farm. Want me to send you some eggs?

I have my dream car, a restored '53 Buick Special Eight. Every time I drive it I worried some fool will hit me. The birds don't bother me as much.

Mags said...

Interesting. Angelina Jolie and Zeta-Jones are on my list of "Chick Stars I'd Go Lesbo For."

Also, I'm totally picky about my eggs. I won't eat them when produced in massive quantities (e.g. self-service buffets), ESPECIALLY if they're scrambled, because it just grosses me out.

Chris Johnson said...

Bill likes all the women on your freebie list also. But he would have to add 3 more:
Sandra Bullock
Demi Moore
Halle Berry

I myself would have to pick:
Brad Pitt
Orlando Bloom
Edward Norton Jr.
Vin Diesel
Dewayne Johnson aka The Rock

Bo Bice is pretty cute also!! ;)

Have a nice weekend Dave!

Raehan said...

51. Gotta love naps. I am very strict about my kids' naps---so I can get one of my own.

52. Not into cars. I don't have a dream car. To me, a car is a car.

59. I like all kinds of eggs, but am partial to poached.

60. Don't like gold chunck jewelry. Congrats on getting over that.

Dave Morris said...

Gene, thank God you remain a man of character and principle.

BRFA, love the runny yolk, in fact one of my favorite ways to eat an egg is on top of a pancake or waffle, so the yolk is a syrup stand-in of sorts.

LBB, I don't eat eggs daily but anytime you want, I'll finish yours.

Unknown (Angie), Wow. Bet it's a dream to drive. I've seen the picture of it on your blog, VERY cool.

Mags, you're not alone. I know of at least 2 other women who feel the same about those women. Strange huh? They just have something about them.

Unknown (Chris) yeah, Bill's got taste. Bullock is supreme too, and barely missed the cut. She got beat out by Romijn because at least Romijn had the smarts to leave that loser husband of hers... which gave her bonus points.

Raehan, I'd let you sit in mine, I think you might change your mind.

Weary Hag said...

Dream cars ... oh baby! Mine would be a '69 Chevelle SS, black on black & complete with all the illegal (road) stuff that makes it track-only material ~ except I'd drive it on the road too.
Love the list!