Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wiki Wiki, Water Guns & Other Worlds

The Los Angeles Times has suspended something called 'wikitorials,' just three days after they began.

“Wikis,” based on the Hawaiian word “wiki wiki” for “quick,” are online communities that encourage users to collectively write and edit articles, and even override and delete other contributors’ work. The end product can be thought of as a community’s shared knowledge.

They had to suspend the feature because some wacked out readers inundated the site with pornography, foul language and inappropriate links.

Makes me suspicious of Latigo Flint - he's in L-A, and I understand he spent the weekend on one of his kerosene benders.

J'ai décidé d'écrire une poste entièrement en français, et voir si n'importe qui peut le traduire et a mis l'a pour résultat la section de commentaires. Je me demande s'il travaillera. Oui, je me demande.

Sailing, sailing...

If all goes as planned, Cosmos 1 was to be launched early Tuesday afternoon, California time, and carried into Earth's orbit by a converted intercontinental ballistic missile, according to the Planetary Society, which is undertaking the nearly $4 million experiment.

Okay, only a sail. No rockets, thrusters or fuel. Should be interesting.

Why you little SQUIRT!

Tom Cruise found himself the victim of a childish prank pulled by a so-called comedy team working for Britain's Channel 4 television station.

I do not support this kind of... er, well, I ... no, no, NO! I am NOT secretly glad to have seen this happen.

Absolutely NOT!



Gwen said...

I could read it, smartypants. I just wish I could reply as smartly. Tete de merde.

Chris Cope said...

"I decided to write a post office entirely in French, and to see whether no matter who can translate it and put A for result the section of comments. I wonder whether it will work. Yes, I wonder."

I'm better with Welsh.

Rob Seifert said...

Yo decidido a escribir me respuesta en Espanol todos y observar quien lata intiendo basta a traduzca. Me maravillo si alquien lata. Si maravilo...


Rob Seifert said...

By the by, I rather enjoyed the mosturizing of Mr Grumpypants-cant take a joke-Cruise...


Kerouaced said...

Tom Cruise is a wuss. Can't even take a little squirt gun water. Like anyone actually believe that Katie what's her name and he are in love. Give me a break.

Angie said...

I do not care for Tom at all. The bigger question I have is how mean are people and what if it wasn't water. We have all heard horrid stories of acid and other chemicals.

Weary Hag said...

I didn't see the source at first and thought someone was taking a leak on Tom (which would be a kinda funny practical joke too, by the way).

As to your French... hm. Not even a tiny part of me wants to understand it. However, as to visiting your blog every morning? El gusto es friggin mio.

Dr. Mike said...

C'est mon grand crayon..