Thursday, June 23, 2005

Interactive query

No matter if you believe in a higher power, I think we all would like to know there's someone (something?) "up there" with answers we cannot get through the blurry prisms of our current science or religion.

As I was doing morning chores today, listening to "Desdemona's Building A Rocketship" by Buffett on the patio speakers, it occured to me that I have questions. A few of them:

1 - Does our Sun appear on a star map anywhere else in our galaxy?

2 - Are human beings really the most intelligent species on Earth?

3 - Did I really have a shot with Nan Young in 4th grade, or was she "in training?"

4 - Who killed JFK?

5 - (click "comment" and add your own)

Give it a little thought and contribute... or provide answers if you think you have them.

Check back often, because if God is surfing and somehow lands on my site today, my faithful readers may be the only ones who will find real truth.

And I won't tell a soul. It'll be just you 'n me.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

You're in luck. The Smartest Person in the World has read your piece, and offers the following:

1. Yes. The sun appears in a heavenly star portrait of a human male. It is labeled "Butthole."

2. No, cockroaches have and will outlive humans because they have vastly superior intelligence, breeding and hiding abilities.

3. You never have a chance with a 4th grader who is wearing a training bra. She has already attracted the attention of Tom Cruise.

4. Nobody. He died of lead poisoning.

5. Why has New Madrid, Missouri, never become Old Madrid? It is at least 200 years of age. This is one of life's greatest mysteries.

phoenix said...

OMG I had something good to say and lost it when I read Hoss' comment! hehehe I can't add anything more than that!

Ari said...

Ok, this is appropos of nothin' here, but I've been meaning to mention to you for several weeks now how much I enjoy your blog and ESPECIALLY your comments on other blogs.

So directly and indirectly, thank you for many giggles. :)

Weary Hag said...

In light of Old's comment above on the cockroach survival criteria, it is now confirmed that Osama Bin Laden IS, in fact, a cockroach.

You see, Dave? You're right. People can come here, read your posts and comments and learn the secrets of the universe. Amazing.

(afterthought: JFK is DEAD? [running off to turn on the news])

Dave Morris said...

Hoss: again, thanks for not hoarding your wisdom, it's like semen... it only works when it's shared. (did I just SAY that?)

Phoenix: I understand, I speak for a living - yet I was also speechless.

Ari: thanks. I wish I would save some of that creativity for my own blog!

WH: Carol, I'm hoping still to be able to bend spoons with my mind, that IS the next step for enlightened people.

Dr. T said...

1. yes (it is found on 8905789043498 star charts that I know of, at least)

2. yes (humans have 6 layers of cells in our cerebral cortex, while the next closest one, dolphins, only have 3 layers)

3. no (sorry)

4. LBJ (the villain)

I'm almost completely certain at least one of these is correct