Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday thoughts, prognostications, anecdotes

Somehow I knew that solar-sail space vehicle would fail.

First, it was fired from a Russian submarine in the Barents sea. Russian subs NEVER have luck in the Barents, do they?

Second, it was only 4 million dollars. I know that sounds pretentious or space-snobbish, but if you had to drive a car all the way around the world, you wouldn't choose a KIA, would you?

Third, it was fired from a SUBMARINE. No good space mission should be fired from a submarine. A HUGE rocket pad with lots of spotlights, journalists and a buffet of appetizers... THAT'S how a good space mission should start. And with that guy on the loudspeakers saying "10... 9... 8..."

Those goddamn chickenshit suicide c**ksuckers.

NHL Hockey Team For Sale: price includes heavy fan apathy, deep debt and huge contract obligations to a bunch of arrogant athletes who believe they play for the NFL.

Yahoo! has decided to close down it's chat rooms. At least MOST of them. And with rooms titled "Girls 13 And Under For Older Guys” and “Girls 8 to 13 Watch Boys,” it was becoming a PR nightmare. I wonder what took them so long...

Oh, I see. The rooms were closed after advertisers started DROPPING THEIR ADS?

I wonder why it takes an impact to their bottom line before some companies do the right thing. This was such an obvious decision... yet it wasn't made until now.

We're having a heat-wave in the midwest, so I will spend a big part of the day in the pool.* Have a nice Friday!

* a complete lie, I have a TON of work today and it won't get done lying on a raft with a margarita.


Chris Johnson said...

If it would help I can bring the kids over and Bill & I can lay on a raft drinking margaritas.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Why, yes, I have something to say. It is this:

Ari commented yesterday how much your comments on other pieces are appreciated. I want to double up on that -- you are really among the most funny of all commenters, anywhere.

Chris Cope said...

And the advertisers didn't pull ads until after a TV station (KPRC in Houston) raised a fuss. It makes you feel good about corporate America, doesn't it?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Enjoy the pool.

Yeah, I read about Yahoo. Sick names for those chat rooms.

Tanya Kristine said...

i'm clueless and under-newseducated.

but i totally understood the margarita in the right over...

Ari said...

I say bravo, Yahoo. Better late perv-foiling than never, no matter the reason.

Weary Hag said...

Crap. This must be why I can't gain access to my Yahoo room "Hags over 50 who are weary beyond belief." And to think I had to come here to find out it's closed.
Woe is me.

Ari said...


Dave Morris said...

Chris: you posted this Friday. I waited all weekend, you never showed up.

Hoss: thanks - but anyone who reads this blog (ah dammit, did I just call this a blog?) knows you're the comment master. Stop being so humble.

Chris: it seems to me companies are like kids. They do it the wrong way until you catch them, even when they know better to start with.

Bug: I didn't look, but I'd bet there are more equally disturbing titles... those were just the ones cited in the story.

Tanya: you posted that you'd be right over on Friday, and I waited and waited...

Ari: I agree, I just wish these companies would take a percentage of their profit and put it toward self-policing. Then the press wouldn't be saddled with that responsibility - not that they don't RELISH it!

WH: Carol, I hope you hadn't built your weekend plans around that chat room.