Thursday, June 02, 2005

Feel free to wretch and heave...

It's time for more inane facts about Dave!

61- Food is a hobby of mine, so I’m lucky I’m not HUGE. I have familial metabolic genetics to thank for that. So THANK YOU, familial metabolic genetics!

62- I would like to say that I hate shopping. So I will. “I hate shopping.” And yet, I will walk around a Best Buy for an hour and not buy a thing. So I wonder, do I REALLY hate shopping?

63- I once caught a 6 pound large mouth bass with no bait. I had only my fishing rod in my truck when I saw him hanging next to a low-water bridge. So I figured I’d just drop an empty hook in for fun. Stupid sumbitch bit it.

64- I buy books. Lots of them. Then I stack them by my bed with the best of intentions – and instead, I watch television before I fall asleep. Perhaps I should just start eating the pages.

65- My least favorite vegetable is also my most favorite. I hate cooked carrots, but love them when they’re raw. Go figure.

66- I pay bills online. I have for 10 years. You might call me an “online-bill-paying-pioneer.” Just don't call me "late for a nooner."

67- My ex-wife thinks I am agnostic. She got that idea because I’m not a fan of ORGANIZED religion. She’s wrong, I’m very spiritual. Come to think of it, she was wrong about a lot of things.

68- I’m not sure I’ve ever had a relationship with someone who has really “gotten” me.

69- My least favorite subject in school was math, my favorite was biology. Although social studies and journalism ranked right up there. So did study hall.

70- While growing up, I lived with my Mother sometimes and with my Grandparents sometimes. It was about a 50-50 split, I’d say. I learned different things from both experiences – and attended about 20 schools in 6 different cities.


E-Vard said...

Warsaw was your favorite. Right??

Weary Hag said...

I am always always always (wrote that three times instead of two so you'd know it wasn't a typo) intrigued by your list of Davetoids.
I'll trade your 20 schools for my three high schools within a two year span in the same small borough. Guess you could say we two went to different schools together.
My daughter caught a three pound LM Bass on a wad of bubble gum that she hooked herself while I wasn't looking.
I hate shopping too and could spend three straight hours in a bookstore. I usually end up leaving with a bookmark and nothing more.
Math is my worst enemy; writing my best friend.
These were great Dave... hope you have a thousand of them.