Saturday, July 05, 2008

The fightin' burners

In 1985, when I worked at a radio station in California, Missouri, one of the nearby towns we would provide news coverage for was Bunceton, Missouri. (if you click that link, you'll find that Bunceton actually has a Wikipedia entry with population info and coordinates - and that's pretty much it)

During the time, I remember thinking that Bunceton needed a reason to be famous. I remember fantasizing that I was the president of the Bunceton Chamber of Commerce and was trying to lure a tech or engineering school to the city... to offset the image of "hicktown in the middle of nowhere."

I fantasized the mascot would be a flame with arms and legs. They'd call themselves the Bunceton Burners.

That's life in Dave's head.

EDIT: I will stop blogging drunk. I will stop blogging drunk. I will stop blogging drunk...

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Violet said...

*Shakes head in both amazement and disbelief*