Friday, July 11, 2008

iHate waiting

I'm sure you've hit refresh a thousand times wondering how my iPhone excursion went this morning. Right?

After returning home last night from a guy's night out, I made the mistake of sleeping for a couple of hours. I dozed off and didn't wake up until 5:15, which was about an hour later than I planned. I drove by the AT&T store on highway K, which had a line of about 35 people. Judging from last year's iPhone allotment of 30 phones for that store, I had little chance of getting one there.

I drove through Starbucks for a latte and to contemplate options. I pulled out my first generation iPhone and went to AT&T's website to find another nearby store. The phone wouldn't pull up the site - it gave me the error "can't activate EDGE." Ironic, because EDGE is the whole reason I'm upgrading to iPhone 3G. Bastards!

Finally I was able to get on the site and find an alternate store. Upon arrival I found a line of about 25 people, so I grabbed a lawn chair out of the trunk and took a seat.

I sat. I waited. I contemplated the soul of my sensei, Steve Jobs. I prayed to the iGods.

This was the view before me.

This was the view behind me.

And this was what I saw when I entered the store:

They only had about 20 phones. Fuckity fuck! My only recourse was to order one, which will take about five days. If you know me, you know I'm not good with that! I'm definitely the instant gratification type.

For now, I'll have to make do with the software update that was released today for all iPhones. Honestly there is little difference between the old iPhone and the new one anyway... I'm mostly getting the new one because Em wants my first-gen phone.

Or at least that's the story I'm going with.

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Violet said...

Uh... Yeah... You can try to place the blame on me, but nobody is buying it. We know you too well!