Saturday, July 12, 2008

Highest rollover rating in his class

Sometimes you just need your best friend to show you how it's done.

That's my boy! I'm very proud of him and yet I wish he'd slow down a little. No rush, Gray. Rolling over means crawling. Crawling means walking. Walking can take you out the door and far away.

So I have an idea... let's just lay here on our tummies and play. Forget about that silly rolling over thing, okay son? There's plenty of time for that.


Blogarita said...

I love this video of Grayson. Sparky wants to see another one. :)

C said...

he is so adorable! i bet you hear that all the time. whatta chubby cheeked lil beauty. if only we could freeze those moments. my youngest is 16. i wish they were all babies again.

Fantastagirl said...

Way to go Grayson - how lucky you have Regis to teach you the finer skills in life!

I miss the days of playing on the floor, and staying in one spot! Don't rush the talking thing either - cause once Tink mastered that skill, she has never been quiet - never!

Weary Hag said...

Good boy, Grayson!

(um, did he call you something nasty at the very end there?) *wink*

He's a gem.

BabsInRadioLand said...

I'm Totally in love with this! he sounds just like timothy! except timothy's been going back to stomach..then freaks out since he's not a huge fan of tummy it's fun fun fun FREAK OUT in our house lol