Sunday, July 20, 2008

Your junk is showing

As I box up all the dumpsteriffic stuff from the garage so we can park two cars inside, I've been making trips to our storage space this week.

There are few places more lonely than a storage lot on a late weekend afternoon. I've never seen another person there. Most of the spaces are occupied by stuff people no longer need but can't seem to throw away. Family "heirlooms," bikes no longer ridden, golf clubs no longer used (because I SUCK at it), boxes full of divorce file folders and other various and sundry junk. (this is a shot of our particular storage space, complete with large pink flamingo)

There are lonely, partially wrecked cars parked all around with flat tires and broken windows, a dumpster for move-outs, and tumbleweeds. There's just something melancholy about the place.

While there I snapped a few pictures and wondered how long it would be until someone else happened along.


Blogarita said...

I once paid $25 for everything in a storage unit that was auctioned off because the renter was in arrears. We picked through and took what we could use, then sold most of the rest over the next couple of days for $150.

Let me know if you get behind on rent. ;)

Fantastagirl said...

I was thinking - 'cept for the paperwork, you could make a mint on a garage sale...and then you wouldn't need the storage shed.

Sarah said...

they are strange places. I LOVED going there as a kid though because it meant we were getting our boat out!

Weary Hag said...

Friend of mine and her husband live in Florida where they started up their own business of buying-at-auction storage space contents, then turning them around for profit on Ebay, Craig's List, etc.

They both quit their jobs two years ago and now live in a lovely home on the beach.

Junk. Gotta love it.

Oh. Hi Dave!

Dr. Mike said...

Dave, your storage spot is ghetto lonely. You should move over by my spot, the "Climate Controlled" section. It's pretty happen'in.

We have cooler junk in store over there, too! Remember? I've even got a coffin (and quite possibly a dead body or two...)