Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Baby photos!

First, an announcement. Today, Grayson rolled over for the first time ever... like, three times! Front to back, in both directions. And while I'm waxing infant, he has gone TWO days without pooping. Yes, the child who pooped six to eight times a day for two months has now nearly ceased defecating.

I know, minutia of parenthood makes for boring reading... and yet I forge ahead.

It's hard to believe Grayson will be three months old tomorrow! Here are a few photos, arranged from oldest to newest.

A little nap for a little guy. He baby-snores too.

You wonder what he's thinking. Most likely "pflegimnowrp."

A nap is a nap, even if it's on Dad.

As I said, a nap is a nap.

He's starting to develop his facial features and personality - he's a little over a month old here.

Joe Cool, getting ready for a stroll in the neighborhood.

He looks like his Dad. And yet like his Mom. And to think this photo was taken before he could speak Portugese. Time flies.


Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

OMG!!! HOW do either of you get anything DONE????? I wouldn't be able to stop staring at him.....he is freaking GORGEOUS!

Paula said...

So Cute! I love the little sign at the bottom....

I can't believe he is rolling already..Ella was almost 6 months old before she did that.

Violet said...

Technically, it was four times! Three times to the right; once to the left. I witnessed it the first few times before Daddy made it upstairs to see the last time. Then, of course, he refused to do it again for the video camera or for Gram-Beana later in the afternoon. We'll practice some more tomorrow!

Ken Dillon said...

Looks just like ya, Bro...I mean, minus the "cute" part and all that.

I JUST ran across some pics of you and I from around '82 or '83. I ought to fire them to you, so you can show the little guy what he has to "look forward to."

Sarah said...

What a cutie pie! Awesome that he rolling. Just wait till he can RUN!