Friday, July 04, 2008

America retains the title!!!!


Em and I just watched the 2008 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest on ESPN. Totally tubular!

In the first year, (1988) it took only 12 dogs to set the record. In 2007, Joey Chestnut set a record at 66. This year, including a tie-breaking five unit dog-off, 64 were eaten.

I'll be honest, it's completely disgusting... and a bit ostentatious, considering people are starving in some parts of the world... but a great American tradition nonetheless. (and the look on Em's face during the competition was priceless)

It begs the question, would a gay man have an unfair advantage?

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Violet said...

I loved that they bounced up and down to help gravity get the dogs down their esophoguses. (Or is it esophogi?) Another one of the things in this world that I will probably never understand.