Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Make note of another convert, as Dr. Mike and I went to the Apple store in the Galleria yesterday to get him set up with his own iPhone. He's a former Verizon customer and seems extremely happy with his purchase.

We were probably 15th in line so I figured we'd be out of luck. Not the case, as we were able to snag one with no problem. I can't say the same for those in line behind us, I got the feeling they were running low when we left. The amazing thing is, after the phone had been on sale for almost two weeks, there was STILL a line of probably 35 people on a Tuesday morning trying to get one.

Since I stood in line with him, I contemplated buying another one for myself. Surely I could find a way to sell it on eBay and make some cash. But the fact is, since they are forcing activation before you leave the store, I would have had to pay the cancellation fee AND the balance of the $$ (in this case an extra 300) for purchasing an unactivated phone. The quick math confirmed I had made the right decision to leave well enough alone.

This was early. Later another 10 to 15 people lined up behind us. I considered selling my place in line - in fact, offered it to an Iranian guy who mumbled something about death to America. I guess he's no longer going to deposit 20 million into my bank account, the bastard.


Amandarama said...

At some point I'll probably break down and buy an iPhone. I just wish Apple was less rigid about carriers and whatnot.

Paula said...

Those people in the background look so pleased to be having their photo taken...

By the way, my husband is in LOVE with this new phone. He carries it around like it's a new's really kind of funny to think how attached you guys get to your electronics!

I'll be getting one once my sprint contract is up in March...then I can be as cool as the three of you.