Friday, February 23, 2007

Sordid stuff

The Baptists must be running NYC.

Check out this story. The NY Supreme Court says there is to be NO DANCING in bars which aren't licensed to allow dancing. Where are we... Purdy, Missouri in the 80's? Am I Kevin Bacon?

I think I just winked into another dimension. Whodafug is legislating dancing these days? I guess NYC is.

So if I get up from my table and put my hands over my head to stretch, but the dancing police think I'm "pickin' up a banger, 'bout to bus' out a shizzor to the niggabeats*," I'm spending the night in jail.



After the first week of the American Idol pool, I am already behind the pack. I totally blew it with Paul Kim - I thought he would be a top-six finalist, but his pitiful song choice in the first round landed his ass on reject row.

If you are glued to the set during Idol like I am, you were likely floored by the fact that Antonella Barba made it through round one. W-T-F?

Anyway, I'm already one back in the pool and it looks like my five dollars is gone. Shit, I needed gas for my Hummer...


Dr. Mike and I decided last night that we're purchasing a VW Bus. Mikey is going to partner up with us by providing his mechanical expertise, which I'm pretty sure we'll desperately need if any of the busses on eBay end up in our driveway.

It will be the freakin' BOMB, there should be no doubt. First thing we'll do is make it a kick-ass beat-box on wheels. A pair of 15" subs, some monster speakers and a GPS. And an La-Z-Boy recliner in the passenger position.

Then maybe we'll make sure the engine runs.

Look, I'm just saying that this machine will be a tailgating beast for Cardinals games, it will be the hit of the float trip and everyone in the 'hood will hate us because of the thump.

This is the one we're looking at. Consider it a "before" picture. I'll keep you updated.


It's not like I'm a member of the Microsoft fan club... but I don't have a natural tendency to hate the rich just because they're rich. I need other reasons.

Here's a guy who's worth 53 billion at last estimate, and many would say he's gotten a lot of his money by being a harsh, sometimes unfair competitor. Point taken, Microsoft has crippled many challengers with sheer weight, and the world's best legal team.

But Gates is giving billions of his personal dollars away via his foundation... to some really worthy causes. This is the sort of thing a "good guy" does.

Business is business, and Microsoft has been the preeminent heavy hitter in the software industry for decades. But, companies like Google, Apple and others are showing that there is no impenetrable wall around Microsoft.

These days, Bill Gates seems to get as much or more pleasure out of giving back, than running his company. I like that. Dude's cool in my book.


Random picture of Uncle Dave with my adopted niece, Ella.

*actual hip-hop term, I'm not racist so settle, yo.


Blogarita said...

I've always wanted a VW Microbus. I hope you guys have fun with it, if you get it.

Violet said...

Interesting about the dancing in NYC... I'm assuming from the article that restaurants and bar that don't have "licenses" for dancing are allowed to let patrons dance, if they want to, right? Isn't like the police are going to come in and crack down if people are dancing, right?

I thought the VW bus thing was supposed to be a surprise!?!? Will be fun, though. Maybe we can drive THAT down to Florida...? Hey, my mom's hippie roots would love it!

Amandarama said...

I didn't see American Idol, but it wouldn't be the first time they've advanced someone who probably shouldn't have even made it into the finals to begin with.

Steve said...

" were likely floored by the fact that Antonella Barba made it through round one."

Not her first time in front of the cameras. Alas.