Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Country Radio Seminar 38 is underway...

I'm sitting at a table in the bar/cafe in Nashville, working on rebuilding my business website with an associate and Violet. We are all three on our laptops. We totally represent. (represent a group of geeks)

Montgomery Gentry (the country artists) just ordered drinks at the bar to my right. It's noon. My kind of guys. I'm having coffee right now and will likely stick with that until well after 5.

Last night we closed down the bar at 3:00 and went to the Hermitage Cafe for breakfast. The analogy would be: Hermitage Cafe is to Waffle House as Ponderosa is to Ruth's Chris.

I was disappointed to find that Nashville instituted a ban on smoking in all public places in the past year, so the cigars I brought were for naught. And today, I still don't feel the greatest, which may be partially because I got 4 hours of sleep last night after a ribeye and egg breakfast at 3 in the morning. *buuurrrpp*

Excuse me.


Weary Hag said...

... And a good ol' time was had by all.

Sounds fun.

I heard Montgomery Gentry on the Imus show last week. I liked the music. Did you hear that? I said I LIKED music - that was of the country genre. Hag, listening to country music. Oh holy good lord in heaven above - what IS this world coming to?

Randy Raley said...

So, you gonna call?

Lee Ann said...

I was in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. What a fun city.
Loved Honky Tonk Row.

Ahhhhh...better out than in, eh!?