Saturday, February 03, 2007

Babysitting 101 (aka how Dave spends his Saturday nights)

It's been exactly 17 years since I cared for a 6-month-old. Tonight, I warped back and got some similac on my shirt.

Dr. Mike and Paula's baby, Ella, came to visit tonight. It started off kind of shaky, as we predicted it would. But after a quick orientation, she was towing the line like a good 6-month-old will.

This is El and Em. En, Oh and Pee are clearly missing, but this picture goes into my "cute as shit" folder.

Here's El and Unc D. We quickly became buddies, and I was able to earn her trust as an instructor AND an uncle. I taught her:

1 - How to walk
2 - Spanish
3 - Introductory Calculus
4 - Advanced M-theory
5 - How to play with your fingers and toes
6 - Middle-east peace initiative
7 - Infamil shots without puking
My only concern is that this will make Mike and Paula feel intimidated, since they've only been able to coax farts and "Daddy" out of her.


Fantastagirl said...

How cute!!

Now, don't go teaching all that stuff - leave something for the parents!

Shoshana said...

That is one cute baby!

Doesn't it make you want to get out and get one yourself?

I am down to my last baby. He's ten months, and he's walking. No more crawling babies in my house...and grandkids are so far away.

Amateur Dancer said...

those pictures are precious. looks like this is a good phase for you and emily.

that is so nice...when things just move the right way with the right person. she is a pretty woman.

i like that phot with the fire behind her and the baby....very cute!


Blogarita said...

Ah, but can you do an Enfamil shot without puking?

(Cute pics)

Russ said...

Taking care of a friends baby is fun. 1) At the end of the night you can give her back.
2) No concerns about what tattooed, pierced, slimeball is going to be hitting on her when she's seventeen.
3) College tuition doesn't even cross your mind.

Me! said...

This is adorable! And I agree, you can give her back at the end of the night after only getting the cool benefits of having a child around. Hell, you get to use baby talk and actually get away with it. Maybe you and Em should have a little Dave Jr. someday. :-)

Dave Morris said...

Blogarita, obviously I didn't give her a class on spelling. Good thing huh?

CP said...

No quantum physics?

Very neglectful on your part.


Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

Thanks for not teaching her to shop, that would be Aunt Jen's job, I am very good at that!!!

Glad you had fun with our little sweet tator......

Rach said...

I thought fave uncles were supposed to teach all the other stuff the parents hate. lol.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Lots of cuteness going on here. To say nothing of trignometry, etc.

Lee Ann said...

Very cute... all three of you.
Just don't tell them all of the stuff you taught her, it will just make them feel bad. I am sure Ella will help you keep it a secret too.

Amazing how quick it all comes back to you isn't it!

Dr. Mike said...

Okay, I just want to thank you guys, Dave, for teaching Ella all that stuff. Things that have changed since you baby-sat:

1) I can't understand a WORD that Ella says. I learned spanish because you said you were going to teach it to her.. but she is now speaking Swaheeli. (sp) See? I don't even know how to spell it!

2) All Ella's girlfriends were over last night and I walked in to find them doing Iron-loaded Enfamil Shooters!! I had to send two of them home.

3) She asked me if she could have a new set of ear rings like Emily's... Uhhh, not just yet.

4) Ella mentioned something about wanting a cousin to play with when she's over at your house...

5) That alpha-particle diaper project that you guys were working on didn't make the trip home. It wasn't as exiting as an exploding meth lab, but we'll just say it stunk up the back seat of the car.

Thanks for all your help, Dave and Emily! You guys are great!

(BTW, Why did Paula become a light-weight?!)

Crystal said...

"My only concern is that this will make Mike and Paula feel intimidated, since they've only been able to coax farts and "Daddy" out of her."

Ha! I laughed so abruptly and hard that OATMEAL just came out of my nose.