Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar wrap (not the pseudo-burrito kind of wrap)

I did something last night that I had never done before, watched the whole show, start to finish.

Ellen did well, she's always great with comedic timing and content. Her outfit didn't do much for me, but then neither did anyone else's. (the opulence and fakeness of Hollywood leave me on the verge of vomit) Ellen did what she does best, and it was very effective and funny. (especially the line about Jennifer Hudson/Al Gore/votes)

The ongoing segment with the shadow people behind the screen was pretty cool.

Will Ferrell's song was funny. It was great to see Scorsese finally win one. (I refuse to call him "Marty," as if I've known him all my life - call it a pet-peeve) I thought Gore's involvement was good - and as a believer that changes must be made to avoid catastrophic consequences, I think he's found his calling, and is finally getting a mainstream audience for his message. Good for him.

The speeches were boring. Most of them, anyway. I hadn't seen the movies. Most of them, anyway.

Honestly though, the nominations/awards continued to convince me that the Academy Awards are out-of-touch with America. Sure, there weren't a lot of HUGE movies this year, but even in years when there were, much of the recognition falls to the indy or ensemble types... not those making movies for mainstream America. I will say, the one movie I failed to see last year that I WANTED to see was "The Departed," and it fared really well. That was another bright moment - I GOTTA see that film.

And I do realize that it takes all types, nationalities and personalities to make films, but it felt like Americans were vastly in the minority at the event... this year more than usual.

Call me out of vogue... (as if you needed my permission) with a few exceptions, I just don't see the appeal of many of the movies that were awarded trophies last night. And sure, maybe the fact that I hadn't seen most of them says more about me than the industry.

Just my two cents.


Blogarita said...

You know, I like movies and music and all, but I can hardly stand the Oscars or other awards shows. (I've even given up watching the CMAs and ACMs.)

Nobody™ said...

I'm with blogarita on this. I would rather drink toilet water than watch that shit. Maybe I'm just bitter that they make big buck for working in the land of make believe.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

That Al Gore's IT won an Oscar invalidates the entire production for me.

Screw the Oscars.

I do love me some Ellen, though. Very funny lady.

ajooja said...

Dave, I agree with you. I can't believe the number of people who were ripping the show yesterday.

Most of the speeches were boring, but the show was pretty good. I enjoyed it.

Departed, Half Nelson, and Notes on a Scandal were my favorite films of the year, so far. I've still got a couple of dozen I want to see on DVD.

An Inconvenient Truth deserved the Oscar.

ajooja said...
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Weary Hag said...

I no longer watch the show. I will admit to watching the pre show and some of the red-carpet jazz just so I don't become an old fart who doesn't know who anyone is anymore. :)
I caught a little of Ellen and honestly didn't think she did that great a job. There will never be another Billy Crystal for that. But between you and me? Ryan Seacrest could run a close second to Crystal to emcee that show.

I like your two cents. Always have, always will.

Gene Maudlin said...

None of the movies was as bad as most of the Oscar show (Ellen excepted), in my view.

Ari said...

I checked the Oscar list and though I meant to see several of the movies this year, I'd actually only seen part of one: Cars. Loop? What loop?