Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday mornin' coming down

My day is starting off with a steaming mug of coffee and Google news. This is how I start almost every day, but today the sun is shining and we're headed for the 50's, so I cracked a window and a breeze is blowing up my boxers.

I've also been thinking about travel this morning, using mapquest to plot a drive in March to Florida for a few days, and pimping my travel agent to get some packages ready for a June trip "south of the border." (and I don't mean Arkansas)

Usually a trip to Mexico means the Riviera Maya for me, it's quieter (and newer/nicer) than Cancun, yet still easy to get to. Most everything is all-inclusive, which is a bit of a drawback. You don't always get the top-shelf food and liquor at those places, but I've found a couple of exceptions.

So, June 20-27, make sure to check my blog... I will be posting pictures/stories frequently.*


Begging forgiveness to Amandarama for the following piece... it appears Tom Brady is in a paternal pickle. (clearly he's had his pickle in one too many jars lately) Probably the best headline I've found for this story is:

Bridget's Panties in a Brady Bunch over Gisele

That's classic.

In a nutshell, prior to breaking up with Supermodel A Bridget Moynahan in December, Tom Brady slipped her his Patriot missile. Obviously, he didn't realize he had injected a warhead in her bunker...

Eh, I see these metaphors are going nowhere.

He got her pregnant.

And his NEW girlfriend, Supermodel B Gisele Bundchen is miffed because she had to find out about it while on their romantic Paris vacation.

I'm not usually in the habit of worrying about celebrities and their torrid personal affairs, but this story does my heart good. It appears to me that Tom Brady is making "passes" (doing the "quotations" gesture in the air) at every supermodel he sees. Unfortunately, a large percentage of them appear to be dumb enough to "huddle" with him... then when an "interception" occurs, they are upset to find out he's "scored" with someone else.

Whew, my fingers are tired from all the "quotation" gestures.

Anybody feel sorry for Tom Brady? Anyone? How about Gisele... or Bridget? Maybe I feel the slightest tinge of pity for her, since she will be raising the child of the guy who was instrumental in BEATING THE RAMS IN SUPERBOWL XXXVI.

And now you know what this is really about for me.


A conversation I "overheard" last night:

Person A: (observing Person B exiting the restroom after quite a long stay) "So, how'd things come out? Would you say like a docked canoe, a nice tight coil, or more of a log jam?"
Person B: "Have you ever thrown a chocolate water balloon against the wall?"
Person A: (vomits)
I may or may not have been Person A in this conversation. Person B may or may not have been Dr. Mike.


I got these roses for Violet on Valentine's Day, and snapped the pix with my Sony Cyber-Shot 5.0 - it's a little old but takes fantastic photos. I'll never pick up another film camera. Do you still use film?


*By "freqently", of course I mean never... I doubt I'll be taking my laptop anyplace I could be on a beach with a rum drink and an umbrella.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hey, I almost bought that Sony SureShot 5.0 way back when.

No, I don't feel sorry for Tom Brady. Knee deep in supermodel ass? Screw him.

Blogarita said...

When you booking that trip to Blogaritaville?

Violet said...

Florida is going to be awesome. And Mexico is going to be even better! I can't wait to be lounging in the sand with a drink in hand... I'm ready to go now!!!

Guess I'll have to deal with Nashville for the time being!

blakbyrd797 said...

I enjoyed the gratuitous use of quotation marks.

Your plans sound like fun! Although I actually would bring the laptop with me to sit on the beach while I sipped my umbrella drink. In fact, I'd probably stay in my hotel room with the A/C on high, feverishly gulping from a bottle in a brown paper sack, complaining that the Internets suck in Mexico. Ah, that be the life!

Fantastagirl said...

beautiful roses...

Beach, sunshine, warm weather - yeah, I'd leave the laptop at home too!

Weary Hag said...

Nice roses! I got nothin else - it's early, early morning and my head feels like it's going to explode.
However, your vacay plans sound pretty nice and yeah - you ought to leave the laptop back at the hotel.

Chris Johnson said...

Hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm......Mexico would be wonderful!!

Eve said...

I tell everyone about the Riviera Maya too! The best. We go every year. Gorgeous.

Speaking "gorgeous"... this WEATHER!!! holy cow. Suck it up before Saturday babyyyy. COld is coming1!!