Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Amazing Race

Dr. Mike and I have both been intending to get a new 50-inch flat screen. In fact, a couple of weeks ago we were going to go to the store together so we could force each other to just get it done. Since then, it's become more of a race... an almost personal need to beat the other to the punch... and last night I totally kicked his ass.

We're moving furniture around and refurnishing a couple of rooms of the house, so it made sense to replace my old standard TV in the living room. Plus, I'm a gadget guy and occasionally (like a woman) I need to go shopping to satiate myself. I got needs.

I ended up with a Samsung 50-inch freakin' kick-ass plasma TV and a DirecTV HD DVR. It took longer to put the stupid TV stand together than it took to wire the equipment and get the speakers working. I'm slower than the special ed chess team at shit like that.

I've ordered new bedroom furniture and will now probably have space for the baby grand piano I've always wanted. Too bad my musical abilities approximate that of a deaf orangutan.

Anyway, it's good to purge... get rid of the shitty old stuff and update a little. Winter sucks, but new stuff makes it suck less.


I was finally able to switch to the new blogger, but it seems to have temporarily (I hope) blocked some people from being able to sign in and leave a comment. Hopefully by now it's been fixed. Also, about half of my comments from the past few weeks have been re-labeled 'anonymous.'

But at least I no longer feel like a leper or Rosie O'Donnell.


Blogarita said...

They had a chess team? Why didn't anyone tell me?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Nice TV. Hey, you can switch? I should try doing it, then.

Violet said...

You know, I think there are a lot of men who spend money (just like women) to make themselves feel better. However, it isn't usually lingerie or shoes... (I said usually)

I love the idea of getting a baby grand piano. Maybe, if we save up for a while, we can even afford one a step up from the one you showed on the link!

blakbyrd797 said...

Too cool! Enjoy!

Admittedly, I was just as excited as my husband was about our HDTV purchase. It was the first thing we bought after we were finally able to secure a decent income and settle our debts. Priorities, man!!

I don't know what I'm going to do with my baby grand, unless we swap out the TV and put the piano in the living room. No joke. It's been happily resting at my parents' house for years and now they suddenly want me to take it, but there's nowhere for it to go. I'm torn... I love them both so much!! (Referring to the TV and the piano, of course.)

Ken Dillon said...

Wow! Congrats!

I still have a TV in my bedroom that needs to "warm up" with lines across most of the screen for the first 10 minutes that it's on, making everyone look like apes with big chins, and I scrounge my sofa cusions for gas money to get to and from work.

Can I have your old shit?

Ya know, when you think about it...I'm probably the ONLY one of your past room-mates that didn't take you to court for a chunk of what you own! Sad--but so true it's a riot!!

Fantastagirl said...

wow - that's a nice tv - hope you like it!

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

Oh, DVR....doncha just LOVE that thing. I didn't think we needed it, but oh we sooooooo needed that.....LOVE it!!!!

Mike was helping me shop for Sean's TV when they were here, I guess it helped light the fire!!!