Saturday, February 10, 2007

Photo Phinish

I was sorting through photos I've collected for future blog use, and decided today is a great day to share them with you, the viewing (and obviously quite bored) public.

First one is self-explanatory:

I find it boorish and completely offensive. Which makes it a great shirt.

I used to drive one of these. It's a 1981 Ford Fiesta. It's a "roller skate" but it held an entire DJ sound system, including turntables, speakers, albums, mixer board, etc. and got 40 miles to the gallon. I can feel you judging me. STFU.

This piece is titled "ADD." The debate still continues as to ADD's status as a disease, but for those of us who have it, this says it all. It's like being in a kitchen with no cabinet doors... or watching every channel on television at once.

This photo sends a shiver down my spine. Anna Nicole Smith married this guy because she... um... loved him? I can see loving (you know, the romantic kind) someone 10 or 20 years older than you, but WTF does a 30-year-old have in common with an 90-year-old? Anna Nicole Smith is a woman who spent her life building up negative karma. Some intentional, some she couldn't help, but like static electricity, it slowly grew until the spark finally went off. Sad.

Friends, what is a photo expose without a shot of Bea Arthur? I have no real reason for posting it, other than that the image of this woman has been instrumental in my defeat of premature ejaculation issues.

Truth be told, Bea has taken a lot of grief about her appearance in her lifetime, and for no real good reason. I love her. I'm not sure why... she just seems like a good person. Someone I'd like to sit down and talk to someday. Whattaya say, Maude? Want to fly to O'Fallon for coffee?

I've gone the entire winter without making my famous chili. I'm not sure why. Five kinds of meat. Four kinds of beans (but not too many) and various other secret ingredients. One ingredient may or may not be habeneros. You are being pulled in by the strange, mystical alure of the chili, aren't you? NO CHILI FOR YOU.

This photo of a teddy bear getting a colonoscopy made me laugh. I wonder if the doctor will find pollups, or the big 'C'? (cotton)

See you Monday.


Fantastagirl said...

I'm guessing he'll find the big C...The poor, teddy bear.

Bea Arthur is funny, glad she could uhm be of some assistance?

Amandarama said...

1. At least it wasn't a Pinto.

2. I think I may need to go make chili now. Yes.

Me! said...

I'm also craving a big bowl of chili now. Think I'll hit up the ol' parents after I get off of work and whine until they make me some. ;-) (See what you have to look forward to for your own daughter?)

My first car was a white Geo hatchback ala the 90's. It might as well been a Fiesta.

True story. Once when I was a teenager a guy came up to me at an amusement park and told me he was in school to be a gynocolgist and he was giving out free exams to help him learn-- then asked if I'd be willing for him to look at my p**sy. Bastards. He's probably on MySpace now. Or maybe Dateline got him already.

It's Me, Maven... said...

I'm serious, I could swear my endocrinologist has that very painting (the ADD) in one of his exam rooms.

Ari said...

I think you're spot on about Anna Nicole. It was sad, but not entirely unexpected.

Violet said...

Your Fiesta and my Festiva woulda been friends. They coulda, like, parked next to each other in the driveway and kept each other company...

I also agree with your analysis of Anna Nicole; she has had a traumatic life... some brought on by herself, some by circumstance. It isn't surprising that her death also has this traumatic undertone.

Blogarita said...

Wasn't yours a delicate powder blue? XD

Your Hummer could eat it for breakfast!

Weary Hag said...

Nice little photo collage post. Hey Dave! Great to see you again ... have also missed your posts and intelligently funny comments.
Will drop a line to bring you up to date ...

Glad you're happy and healthy and enjoying life!

Lee Ann said...

...thank you for the age range Dave....and I do agree with the difference between a 30 yr old and a 90 yr old....ugh!
The best pic was the one of your famous chili!
Have a great week!

randommoments said...

My boyfriend is 82 and I'm 28. Okay not really.

Thanks for the laugh!

Lee Ann said...

Happy Valentine's day to YOU TWO!

Amateur Dancer said...

i needed to see those tonight! good giggle.

guess what. random call today from doctor...he called to tell me he was wrong. i actually do have leukemia. (oops, just a little mistake).

anyway, you have been so kind. i wanted to tell you.

you 2 have a great valentine's.

i am actually doing..ok..a bit confused. but will be alright.