Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tapioca, Burma Shave and other words that have nothing to do with this post

Evidence is mounting that loneliness and depression are direct causes of physical illness:

"Dr. Jesse Stewart ... found a correlation between depression and hardening of the arteries in his three-year study... The arteries of those who were most depressed had narrowed twice as much as those who were least depressed..."

It's kind of spooky how this reinforces the meaning of the term "hardened heart."

Whenever I'm in a restaurant, I want to approach someone who is alone and say "mind if I join you?" I don't do it for fear of being thought a predator or scam artist (isn't that sad?) but I always feel bad when I see someone eating alone. If they're eating fatty food, and doing it alone, they're DOUBLING their chance of hardened arteries. Damn!!!


Frankie Laine died yesterday, at age 93.

When I was a little kid, my grandma would stack albums on the console "record player" and sit me on the floor in front of it with a glass of tea on rainy days. Through her albums, she gave me an early appreciation of music. One of the artists she'd play was Frankie Laine.

Grandma's albums are in my possession now, and Laine's "Torchin'" is my favorite. It's still in amazing condition, but I did a search recently and was actually able to find it on CD as part of a two-album package. It contains his versions of "A Cottage For Sale," "I'll Get Along Without You," "I Cover the Waterfront," and "These Foolish Things." If you could wear out a CD, this one would be trashed by now.

A year ago (when I ordered the album) I was surprised that he was still alive, and shocked that he was still actually PERFORMING.

I shed a tear today. RIP Frankie Laine... Old Man Jazz.


Why do stores still have those stupid security scanners at the exits? They are designed to curb theft, but they've become as useless as car alarms. Anytime one goes off, a clerk just motions you to go on.

I've had great success stealing about 20 bags of gummy worms and a plethora of small electronics because these beeping bitches are ignored.

I might or might not have stolen a few cars too.


Conversation a few minutes ago:

Me - "Ha! (looking at my site meter) I got a hit today from the search term "Dave's penis."
Vi - "Yeah, it was me. I was looking for it."

I don't know why, I just found that funny. Perhaps I'll have to save her a search.


Kevin said...

Nice to see so many people loved Frankie Laine as I did. I literally wore out his albums when I was a kid. Thanks.

Violet said...

Hey, dere, eh, Bab... I'm, ahh, lookin' for a, eh, penis, here, Bab... You know where I mights be able to find one?

Amateur Dancer said...

hey dave,

i wanted to tell you that i don't have leukemia!! :-)

totally irrelavant to your post (sorry)...but you had been really kind with your comments...

they put me on chemo, in the h'tal...the whole 9 yards...and, i just found out---i do NOT have it!

i am so happy! :-)
you were right...all that worrying, for nothing...

Blogarita said...

If I ever get enough time to sit down at a restaurant and eat a sammich by myself, I'd be anything but depressed.

Anti-social maybe, but not depressed.

blakbyrd797 said...

It's a nice idea, but sadly, I do have to admit that if I was alone in a restaurant and you (or anyone, especially a man) came up and asked if you could join me, I would immediately assume there was some hidden agenda. That really is pretty depressing.

Damn, there go my arteries...

That Violet! She cracks me up!

Nobody said...

When I'm traveling for work I'll oftentimes eat in my truck, just so I don't have to sit in a restaurant all alone. I like being alone when I'm all alone, but I hate being alone in public. Ya know what I mean?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I just Googled "Dave's Penis" and I was brought to a site for nanotechnology.

Amandarama said...

Depression directly causes illness.


Fantastagirl said...

If someone came up and wanted to sit with me - I'd think there was a hidden agenda, sad isn't it.

Ari said...

I always feel bad for and want to join people who are alone too.

It's odd that our overly PC and paranoid society prevents us from reaching out, but it certainly does.