Thursday, March 01, 2007

C-R-S, Day Two - Laying Waste To A City

Day TWO in Nashville went well - and by "well," I mean my bar tab was under $200 for the second consecutive day. Lots of old record reps and friends are doing the buying this year, and I can't pretend to be disappointed.

Here is Violet with one of her favorite artists, Jewel. Yeah, she's a pop star, but she's big into country music, and is an amazing writer.

A country songwriter friend of mine... we'll just call him "Wynn" (because that's his name)... told me a story last night about his first writing collaboration with Jewel. "I shit myself," he said. My reply, "I'll bet you did, it must be cool to write with Jewel."

"No, I actually shit myself. I 'sharted' right then and there - had to go change my pants." You have to know Wynn to realize how hilarious this story is.

Violet and me at the Bridge Bar. Others in the bar at the time were... Toby Keith, Jake Owen, some of Chris LeDoux's old band... and this dude.

Yeah. THE Geico caveman. His words to me, "it's so easy, even a voiceover guy can do it." That smart-ass bastard...

I'll check back in with further updates as the situation warrants. Tonight we hang out with Keith Urban, Gretchen Wilson and a few others to be named later.
Hey Radio Randy, email me so we can hook up, it would be a shame not to have coffee when we're in the same town...


Violet said...

God, I look like crap in that picture of me with Jewel. The one of us together looks good, although I think that was at The Stage, not the Bridge Bar.

I'm having so much fun down here with you! For someone who is clueless about country music, who'd have guessed that CRS would be such a blast!

Blogarita said...

Hey, kiss Keith Urban for me, will ya?

Weary Hag said...

After you finish kissing Keith Urban for blogarita, kiss the caveman for me, k?

I think the pics are way cool by the way!

mckay said...

being a mercury girl, i have to poo-poo on the geico caveman.

vi...i think you look like kate winslet, so don't get all "oooo i look yukky" on me ;0)