Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Regis Update

Here's the boy.

His gums hurt, his butt hurts, his rump hurts.

What a huge incision, considering the growth was the size of a dime. Something isn't right about that.

He has to wear the bell collar for TWO weeks. Won't that suck? The funny shitty thing is, every time the cat meows, he jumps because all sounds are amplified right into his ears by that collar.


Diana said...

Poor Regis. Hope that he has a speedy recovery.

arthist99 said...

Awww...that's pitiful. I hope they gave him some pain meds!

On the topic of wiping dogs asses, I once noticed my akita couldn't seem to finish "getting the job done," like it just wouldn't all come out. When I got closer I found that she had a strand of my hair (which was a good foot long) hanging halfway out her butt. I had to pull it the rest of the way out, poor girl. The things you do for the ones you love...

Amateur Dancer said...


Back when i worked at duke, my dog (i love him so much) had his whammy's wacked and i had to rub this ointment on the incision.

so, i noticed that there was this Knot when i would put the cream on.

And, I FREAKED out...called the vet, convinced dingo dog had cancer.

i got to the vet and the old creepy vet drew out a picture of dog anatomy for me, and explained the process of the male erection...,and said that i was stimulating it.

he also said that dingo dog was doing it, while healing from surgery and said that the elizabethan collar was the only solution

(i--of course--was excited, for the photo op)

then, the vet, opted out and gave us more "cream" but this was some sort of seizure cream for cats that makes dogs, literally, have a mini seizure, when they "lick".

Can you imagine!?

Anyway...i had a terrible day...thanks for the fun memory.

(and thank you for your really nice comment!)

I hope Regis feels better soon. Bless his heart!


Lee Ann said...

Oh...poor baby! Bless his heart.
I hope he is feeling better soon.

BrideOfPorkins said...

AWWWW, give Regis neck scratchies for me. He looks great considering all the work he had done. Happy poopin', Regis!

Yeah, those collars are fun--I mean tough. My old buddy Bobbo used to wedge himself bewteen two pieces of furniture to get his collar off.

Chris Johnson said...

Poor Regis, he broke my heart last night. I told the girls,(your Merry Maids) about him today. They love that dog.

Bet your tired today huh? hehehe!

Eve said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH, poor poochy poops!!

Ouch. That looks painful!