Thursday, May 25, 2006

Who'd of thunk it?

Six weeks ago, I wouldn't have given Taylor Hicks a chance at being Idol. When Daughtry was eliminated, it changed everything.

I love Taylor, but until Tuesday, I figured Katharine had it sewn up.

And who didn't notice those amazing cleavage shots last night, right???

Both will have great careers. Best Idol ever.


~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

It was sooo the best finale ever! I was torn watching it and LOST so I was up until after midnight watching the rest of what I missed. I am gonna write something about it, just not yet. I still need to get my thoughts together. There was just so much there: my man Chris, the golden idols, David Hasselhoff crying in the audience, Clay Aiken's new look, ... the list goes on and on. Definitely the best AI ever (despite Chris not being the American Idol in the end)!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Little farther south and we would have been in for a belly button show, too.

Raynwomaan said...

I was so shocked when Chris left. Then shocked again to see Elliot go. However, I'm glad Taylor got it, 'cause he's got that neat, quirky charisma - he's not a canned pop star, that's for sure.

And I think Chris would be crazy to turn down job with Fuel.

mckay said...

my favorite parts were Meatloaf and Prince..except for his two dancers: they were annoying.

Kimmy said...

Okay, um...Dave?
Is it possible that you have NOT noticed the resemblance? No, really. If you stopped dying your hair, you could easily pass for Taylor Hicks!

Lee Ann said...

It was great fun! I think Katharine has a beautiful voice. I am glad for Taylor, the fans here are over the top with the Soul Patrol .... wooooo
I agree, I think they will both do great.

Amandarama said...


Who are these people?

"Idol" makes me do awful things to Barbie dolls with acetone and a waffle iron.

I can't help it.

Eve said...

Cleavage= good

Singing about "flesh and fantasy" with Meatloaf= nausiating