Saturday, May 20, 2006

My two cents on a four-letter word

If you asked me to name one person I hated, I'm not sure I could come up with a single soul. Truly. There are people I disagree with, those who irritate me. Nobody I hate.

These are protestors. They are also haters. They believe in something so fervently, they'll do anything to force that belief on others, regardless of situation or personal expense.

In this instance, these people are gay haters. They are demonstrating outside of a young soldier's funeral.

Writing those words makes me want to puke.

Imagine mourning the death of your son, then walking outside to see these people with their signs. "GOD HATES YOUR TEARS." "THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS."

I know a few gay people. Like NASCAR driving, road construction or the priesthood, it's not a lifestyle I am interested in for myself... but they are people, just the same. What they choose to do in the freedom of their homes is up to them. They are neighbors, friends... one is a step brother. Generally, they seem quite happy and jovial. Gay, if you will.

When will society, politicians and religious zealots get it through their heads that sexual preference, religious belief, the food you eat, who you marry and what you do for a living is a personal choice... and nobody else's concern?

I changed my mind. I hate those protestors.

Toss in Jerry Falwell and Charlie Manson for good measure, I forgot about their sorry asses.

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EDIT: Speaking of protesters... now, hundreds are showing up to protest the Da Vinci Code. "This movie offends my Lord..." said one woman.

I think God has proven he has no problem with getting rid of things that offend him. (see: Soddam and Gommorah, Great Flood, et al)

Plus, this is a movie. A work of fiction. Can you not discern the difference? Or perhaps you should run home and check your backyard for animated varmints.

They're real, you know!


Ari said...

Yeah, I think I'd have to encourage my relatives and friends to join me in a massive act of beating these people with their own protest signs.

Fantastagirl said...

I hate those protesters...I think they forget, that the soliders they hate, or their God hates, died to protect their rights to protest... the f'in morons. I want to know what makes them better than me that they get to judge everyone around them.

Somedays I hate stupid people.

CP said...

Isn't it incredible?

We just did a huge blog on my page a few weeks back on gay bashing. I am so sick of the subject.

What I am more sick of are the idiots out protesting crap about the Da Vinci Code movie, despite the fact that the book has been around for YEARS. Dumbasses. There were even some people who protested the fact that the murderous Monk in the movie was an albino!

Hello? HE was an albino in the book too! Why didn't anyone protest that?

Oh yeah. Because most morons can't READ!



Violet said...

what about the marmosets?

just askin'....

Lee Ann said...

I agree with you, I am the same way. I don't think I truly hate anyone.

I heard the trailer for an upcoming movie and thought about you....when are you going to drunk dial me with your radio voice Dave? That would give me such a thrill!

Unacknowledged Genius said...

those particular protesters make me ashamed to be from Kansas (where they're based) I hate them too. I hate them more than I hate Charlie Manson and Jerry Falwell.

~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

They protested outside of Fort Campbell, KY not long ago when a friend was making it home from Iraq. It truly, truly makes me sick. And they think all these others are going to hell. I've got news for them. I think God will be turning them away from the pearly gates. I don't think any of their propaganda is what God had in mind in spreading His word. The funny thing is, the one person in college who gave me my very first Bible and spoke so heavily of Him.. yeah, she was a lesbian. And she wrestled so much with her sexuality and her faith that she ended up commiting suicide. No one will ever convince me that loving another human being with all your heart will send them to hell just because they are the same sex. Period.

woman wandering said...

Hmmm, now it's how to stop reading you. Need to walk away, was in the middle of something when I read your comments and came over for a visit.

I always laugh about people who are so threatened by sexuality ... because that's potentially all that supposedly makes a gay person different and yet, perhaps if we asked some of those protestors, we'd find that they have some really weird heterosexual - so-called 'normal' sex going on behind their closed doors.