Sunday, May 21, 2006

Well isn't this awkward

The world watches. (and by "world," of course I mean San Francisco only) Today, Barry Bonds holds a tie for second most home runs in a career, poised to beat Babe Ruth at the next swing of the bat.

It makes you wonder who really owns the record. When you look at pictures of Bonds several years ago, he was half the size, and his head was 8 sizes smaller. What do you do with his record numbers? Can you put asterisks by them? At best, we can place a mental asterisk, but that's about it.

Fans (except in San Francisco) are apathetic about Bonds' home run count, and people are left wondering what to do with meaningless statistics such as his. It's been estimated that steroids add 8 to 20 feet on each shot. Clearly, Bonds would have nothing CLOSE to his current numbers, had he not been juicing.

It's surprising that Bonds hasn't retired in shame... but I think he's too big of an arrogant dick to do the right thing.

And he's grown a big fat head.

Then... Now...


Anonymous said...

i remember seeing bonds play vs. the cards several years ago at the old busch. playoffs? don't remember. i do remember that he started a bench-clearing brawl early in the game when he was "brushed" by a pitch. once a dick, always a dick. keep him out of the HOF so long as Pete Rose stays out.

Tim said...

Pujols needs to get checked before his count gets out of hand this year.