Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

1 - Print out page.
2 - Get Crayolas out of kid's toy box.
3 - Color by numbers.
4 - Eat what magically appears on paper.
5 - Eat pie. Mmmm. Pie.
6 - Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
7 - Eat more pie.


Weary Hag said...

What a WAY cool thing to offer us! A color by number ... you know, I just may have to actually do this little exercise.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Spinning Girl said...

I'm having trouble seeing the hidden picture. Can't wait to get my colored pencils (I don't have crayons, I'm an adult!) and reveal it. AS soon as I finish this HIghlights puzzle. I simply cannot find the toaster! It's usually in the tree, but it's not there his time. Dammit!
Happy Thanksgiving to you, you brain-stimulating, funny-bone tickling man.

Lee Ann said...

I love it! I didn't have a brown and yellow crayon, so mine ended up purple and green.
Happy Thanksgiving!

madgirl said...

its not thanksgivin up my way (im a wee bit north and that eh?) - but damn im gonna print and colour anyways :)

thanks dave :) enjoy your turkey day!

Ari said...

Hope ya had a good one. I rediscovered the joys of pecan pie myself, courtesy of the Collin Street Bakery. :)

lilly05 said...

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving as well Dave. I already had a color by number picture (actually I had about 4 brought home for me from school. I have 5 elementary aged kids!) I will non-the-less print yours out and color it, what are friends for?

Amandarama said...

Yay! Coloring!!!!!

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Rob Seifert said...

Chuckle, I love to color! Thanks Dave!