Sunday, November 27, 2005

365 days ago

From day one of Dave's Window:

"It's amazing that I've traveled so many places, done so many things, yet have little recollection of much of it. Only when someone jogs a memory, I can say "hey, I've been there!" So I figure recording some of the boring day to day thoughts, prognostications and anecdotes will occasionally produce a keeper. Someday I will write a book of the story of my life and include those 'keepers.'"

On the one year anniversary of my blog, I should point out that I'm no longer inspired to write such a book. I just can't imagine seeing some of it in print! Besides, isn't that such the stereotypical blogger reasoning? Screw that. Instead, maybe I'll parlay this experience into writing assembly instructions for particle board coffee tables or something.

I've had a lot of fun with the blog, met some really great people, and the hobby continues to be fulfilling. When that changes, I will say "the end."

And so for now, I blog on, the internet equivalent of the Voyager project. Never knowing when the trip will end, when you might stop hearing from me, or whom I may encounter.


smays said...

I tell new bloggers that they will know within 48 hours if blogging is for them. At the end of two days their blog will have lots of posts...or just that timid little "Welcome to my blog" post.

I would be very surprised (and disappointed) if you could walk away after a year. Not unheard of but it's usually burn-out rather than lack of interest.

I suspect you would start jones a bit if you went more than a few days without posting. It is in your DNA now. Sorry.

~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

Happy 1 year anniversary. We don't have to send you presents do we? ;-)

Dave Morris said...

Stacy, I wear a 17/36-37 shirt. ;)

No, your unending love, gratitude and accolades will keep me satisfied.

But if you are in the shirt department, you know. Go ahead.

(No, not really.) (Yes, really.) (No, just kidding.) (No I'm serious.)

Weary Hag said...

Happy happy anniversary in the blog world, Dave! You've been such a wonderful source of entertainment ... you've been informative and you've been so, so comical. I, for one, would sincerely feel lost without your "Window" to check in on everyday.

You cannot, and I repeat, can not even consider leaving this particular world ... take heed now, don't MAKE me call in the flying monkeys.

Love ya to death!

Lee Ann said...

Happy 1 YEAR Anniversary Dave! I think you were one of the first ones I started visiting when I came to the Land of Blog. I love seeing you there every day. It has become a comfort for me. I am glad to have gotten to know you, hope it continues for a long while.

Bobby said...

happy blogday.

hope you keep it up a long time.

Rob Seifert said...

Happy Blog-B-Day! You and your blog are a daily conversation peice at my house and have been for some time now. Cher and I are always trying to read you first so we can blow it for the other one (or more likely avoid having it blown for us). Wait, wait, wait... I didn't mean to say that. Ugh... Keep at it old man, we wear the same size shirt.


Mags said...

Happy Blogiversary. Don't ever leave us!

I Made a Pie! said...

Hello Mr. Window,
First time here and I must say I find your hat choices very refreshing! Your template is also very polkadotted, which is exciting. I will definitely come back soon to hear about your latest adventures. In the meantime, please stop by my pie blog. It covers pretty much all of the pie-related stuff that you won't find on other blogs.
Thank you and happy blogging!

Amandarama said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

I'd offer you booze, but you're all the way over there. :)