Saturday, August 06, 2005

Why do they do it?

Another Russian Sub Is In Trouble

It appears that Russians, given their obvious disposition to dying aboard underwater vessels, would give it up. If I knew that somewhat-boring 40 year old men (okay, 41 - screw you) who are voice over artists tend to die while... oh, let's say ice fishing with Ernest Borgnine... I would immediately delete his number from my cell phone. I realize he's dead, but it's just an example.

Where these Russians get the balls to continue climbing into pressurized barrels of death and sinking to the bottom of the ocean is beyond me. Russian people, listen to me. The next sub you should consider getting involved with should be a 12-inch B.M.T. with extra peppers, mayo and pickles.

Hold the Jared.


Moving has been quite an experience. Props to my friends Ron, Gary, Bird, Karen, Mike, Paula, Chris, Bill, Debbie... and my wife Tawnya for all the help. Bird has shown that he has no decorator savvy, so I'm keeping him busy unpacking bar booze.

I'm working with engineers wiring the new studio and getting it ready. It will be in a temporary room for a month or two, until the new room addition is finished. Things are right on schedule.


My daughter Courtney turned sweet 16 Thursday. It appears my time perception is a little akimbo, I just changed her diaper and played patty cake with her yesterday.

She is such a blessing to me. Whatever my accomplishments in life, first and foremost I will have been Courtney's Dad.



The Other Half said...

i don't wanna think about when my daughter will turn 5...let alone 16!!

Rob Seifert said...

They grow up fast. You're right, nothing I've done in my life matters as much to me as having been my children's Dad. It's an honor and a priviledge and mortally terrifying at times. Our oldest will be 14 this year and while some days I want to choke the life out of him Homer Simpson style, most days I'm greatful to be able to show him the playing field and let him run. Keep up the good work Dad.


lilly05 said...

You have a beautiful daughter and it is heartwarming to note that you have such pride in her. Not all people care about their kids and I get to see the results of their neglect! Hope all works out on your studio. We'll be needin one of those sooner than I'd planned!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Cute kid, chip off the old blockeroo.

Leave the Russians alone. They have a fixation about sardines.

Lee Ann said...

Glad to hear your moving experience is coming to an end. Your daughter is beautiful. Happy birthday to her!

Weary Hag said...

Happy belated birthday to Courtney! I recall turning 16 but somehow, I completely bypassed the "sweet" business. She's lovely, Dave.
Regarding the Russians ... your thoughts on that were mine exactly when that story hit the news. Well, without the B.M.T. part. Maybe they could do more test runs at their equivalent of the "Y" swimming pool or something?

Amandarama said...

Happy birthday to Courtney!

When I turned 16, my dad rented me my first rated R movie, Angel Heart. It was very sweet.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

My daughter's going into 3rd grade this year. I just threw out the diaper genie last week! How can that be?