Sunday, August 28, 2005

A few days ago...

...Katrina took Florida by surprise. Prior to its arrival in southern Florida, it was not a big focus of the NOAA.

It's surprised a lot of experts. Even two days ago it was predicted to possibly reach category 3. Now it's a 5 and bearing down on New Orleans. The last time that city took a direct hit by a hurricane was 1965 with Betsy, a category 3... and it's looking like Katrina could be stronger at landfall than even Camille.

If you get a chance, this coverage will be amazing. The city will be like Venice, with police boats operating around-the-clock. The storm will also blow in "funk" from the swamps, including critters like 'gators, snakes and rats. This storm will be historic, so watch if you can.

And Godspeed to my friends in New Orleans.

Side note: Nine people were killed by Katrina in southern Florida... SIX of them by falling trees. Doesn't that seem strange to you?


I'm happy to say one of my vehicles is now in the garage. Yesterday I spent most of the day breaking down boxes, organizing shelves and moving shit. And by shit, of course I mean SHIT. Stuff I'll never again need, but for some reason moved with me.

I have a nice mower, gas string trimmer, electric trimmer, leaf blower, gas edger, hedge trimmer... which all need a home. If you're in the area and need any of these items, let me know. I'm in a selling mood.

Also a washer and dryer. Come one, come all!


I was just watching a Sudafed commercial on television... the one where the cashier is directing everyone to aisle five.

The commercial is outdated now in some areas, where Sudafed sales is restricted. At Walgreens in my area you must sign with the phramacist for Sudafed, and you're only allowed 2 boxes a day. Sudafed is a primary ingredient in meth, so this is an effort to control production in the area.

Sudafed should probably change it's commercial.


This headline is just shocking.

Hip-hop mogul 'Suge' Knight shot in Miami Beach

You could knock me over with a feather. A hip-hop person involved in a shooting?? That's just hard to believe. These are law abiding, decent people.



Chris Johnson said...

Talk to Bill about some of those things. He always rents a hedge trimmer, wants a edger, and needs a lawn mower & string trimmer.

Monique said...

I've stumbled on to your blog a couple of times--good stuff. You're so right about the coverage of this hurricane. I'm in Florida and am very used to all the alarmist hurricane reporting (our local weathercasters' only time to shine -- they were in their element last year!). But you're right, this one will be one for the record books. I'm glad it's not us again, but hate for it to be bearing down on anyone else either.

Gwen said...

How much for ze leaf blower and hedge trimmer?

Spinning Girl said...

It's a shame to build a city entirely under sea level. Seems somebody coulda checked about that.

Weary Hag said...

I'm watching the "storm show" as I type. The thing that makes me crazy about those reported storm-related deaths in Florida is that they should be coined as stupidity related deaths instead. Stay indoors means stay INDOORS. You play, you pay.

Yes Dave, I was quite shocked by the news of the injured rapper as well. Oh my. What a huge surprise.

Hope you had a nice weekend. (I see you have acquired some 'shit' as well)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I don't need any yard stuff. And I suppose you won't be selling any of your thongs, so I'll just stay home.

Kerouaced said...

I don't use yard tools. I let my yard go back to nature. It's only troublesome when my Chihuahuas run out into the yard. I have to cast them out with a deep sea rod the grass is so high...