Monday, August 29, 2005

Do you smell somethin'?

Last night, in honor of friends getting slammed by Katrina in New Orleans, I made tasty, succulent jambalaya for dinner. It was way too much for one person, so I'll have leftovers for a week. Cajun heaven, I tell ya.

Thing is, jambalaya smells up the house, and I'm not good with smells. I actually had trouble sleeping because of the scent of shrimp and spice. This happens frequently, actually... anytime I make a roast or chili... anthing aromatic.

So now I pay the price. Today it will be 90 degrees, but I will have my windows open to get the smell out. I also have candles lit and have used freshener throughout the house. Any other suggestions?

PS - if you tell me to use the blower vent thingy on the stove when cooking, I will only tell you to eat my shorts. Of COURSE I thought of that.


Eat my shorts anyway.


As much as I hate to see the hardship, I say... bring on the high gas prices! BRING IT ON!!!

I am watching the price of oil soar to above $70 per barrel today because of Katrina, in anticipation of interrupted refinery operation and delivery.

I believe higher gas prices will do us all good. Let's get some pressure on officials to develop alternate fuel sources. Let's do this hydrogen fuel cell thing for cars. Let's move forward with nuclear energy.

When we're in a comfort zone, nothing gets accomplished. So bring on the discomfort! The higher the price goes, the more we'll squirm. I understand this will adversely effect those who can't afford to pay. Again, that leverage will only help put pressure in the right places.

Meantime, a closed circuit message to those who can't afford higher gas prices: Bitch loudly. Make noise. Do what you can to get by, but write letters and make phone calls.
It's time to begin learning to conserve. It's time to end dependence on oil.

Okay, sorry I got a little heavy there. Now a moment of levity.


Spinning Girl said...

Wow, now I want Jambalaya! I, too, wake up often at night due to cooking smells (usually if I'm making stew in the crockpot overnight). Yes, I use a crockpot! Don't judge me!

I like shorts with a little wasabi on the side. How about you?

Keep posting, I'll keep coming back. Thank you for all the lovely input on mine! I kvhmquw you.

Lee Ann said...

Wow, if your dinner turned out looking anything like the picture, I am impressed. I am that way with certain food smells in the house too. I made hamburgers inside one night, and the smell of worcheshire sauce lingered for days! yuk! Enjoy your jambalaya :)

Rob Seifert said...

Ick, dry shorts and no hot sauce. Smells... I suppose those shorts could be rather fragrant given your diet of late... Ew.


Weary Hag said...

You know Dave, after chewing on your shorts (which were delectible by the way), I really didn't need to see the huge snotwad seeping out of this little guy's nose holes.
Odors? Try Febreeze. It's an anti-smell product and it did a good job for me while trying to deskunk my mobile home back when I was trailer trash.